Turks Turban Squash



  • Step up your Autumn style: Ditch the same-old-same-old orange pumpkins, and try a mix of heirloom pumpkins, gourds, and squash in unusual, shapes, colors, and textures.
  • Turks Turban Squash are a unique heirloom variety with a marvelous bulbous shape, and outrageous colors and striping. Multiple sizes available: 5"-7" in diameter, and 10"-14" in diameter.
  • FUN FACTS-- All fruit in the Squash & Pumpkin families are edible! Gourds are ornamental, and not for eating. It's shape make this one a favorite among chefs! Use the larger half to contain soup or stuffing, and the smaller bulb as a "cap" to lid your bowl.
  • PUMPKIN PRO TIPS-- Create a barrier between your squash and the surface it is placed on with a bit of hay, burlap, or cut autumn branches. This will allow air flow below the squash and keep it from rotting against the wet surface. If a critter gnaws on your squash, or you have carved your squash, rubbing Vaseline into the exposed fruit will prevent dehydration and mold.

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