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Succulent Garden in White Bowl – Small





  • Succulent gardens are a great gift for indoor gardeners of every skill level.
  • Native to the desert, these plants love as much light as they can possibly get, but they need very little water– great news for those who have trouble keeping to a strict watering schedule, or who travel frequently! And they’re absolutely fabulous looking plants, too!
  • Measuring 8-10″ wide and 10″ tall, this stylish design is a great size for a large coffee table, dining table, or the kitchen island.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The key to a keeping your Cactus and Succulent Gardens in tip-top shape lies in the substantial exposure to direct sunlight and the avoidance of over watering. Remember, these babies are native to hot, arid climates and we want to do our best in recreating that for them!
  • Our designers will select the best looking plants for you on the date of your order. Your design will look similar to the one pictured here, but will be unique!

McArdle’s Signature Delivery

McArdle’s Signature Same-Day delivery is $10— premium delivery charges may apply during holidays—and is proudly offered to: Stamford, Old Greenwich, Glenville, Cos Cob, Riverside, Byram
Harrison, West Harrison, Port Chester, Purchase, Rye, Rye Brook, Armonk, Bedford

McArdle's Guarantee

McArdle’s indoor green plants are guaranteed to last for at least one month. McArdle’s indoor blooming plants are guaranteed to bloom at least three weeks. Please note the care instructions for beautiful, happy and healthy plants.