Sheet Moss



Dress up your potted plants by using Sheet Moss as a topdressing! We buy it in bulk, so we sell it by the handful, for $1 per handful! One handful covers a 4" diameter circle. Eight handfuls cover a 12" diameter circle. Fifteen to twenty handfuls cover a 24" diameter circle. Topdressings are used in fine gardening to cover the surface of the soil, masking any functional mechanics from the planting method that might be exposed. Examples of topdressings are Moss, Stones, and Mulch. PLEASE NOTE ~ Sheet Moss will not take root on the surface of soil. The application is cosmetic only. Sheet Moss will stay green for at least 2 weeks then fade to a light tan color. For a topdressing that will not change appearance with time, try Spanish Moss, Reindeer Moss, Stones, or Mulch.

McArdle’s Signature Delivery

McArdle’s Signature Same-Day delivery is $10— premium delivery charges may apply during holidays—and is proudly offered to: Stamford, Old Greenwich, Glenville, Cos Cob, Riverside, Byram
Harrison, West Harrison, Port Chester, Purchase, Rye, Rye Brook, Armonk, Bedford

Deliveries outside of our area will be designed and delivered by one of our trusted partners,
and may vary based on availability.