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Cypress shrubs are evergreen conifers that come in a variety of shades of blue, green, and gray. Though they can vary slightly in texture, their leaves are often small, rough, and scale-like. Chamaecyparis obtusa Graciosa, also known as Cypress 'Lace Leaf' or Russian Cypress, is deer-resistant and provides substantial ground cover as it grows wider. It has flat, feather-like leaves that shift from bright green to deep bronze as the weather gets colder. Our Russian Cypress plants currently measure about 20"-24" wide x 8"-10" tall from the soil line, though they can grow to around 10' wide x 12" tall. We love planting this shrub on its own in outdoor containers, for a simple, clean look. They fill in nicely and provide understated elegance to outdoor spaces. PRO TIP: Try planting Russian Cypress in areas that are too shady for juniper shrubs. Russian Cypress is more adaptable to changing light conditions; just water it less often if you plant it in a shady location.

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