Paeonia ‘Edulis Superba’ (Peony)



Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora 'Edulis Superba' Peonies are surprisingly hardy yet stunning perennials whose flowers rival the beauty of roses. They are long-term garden fixtures that can bloom annually for decades when properly cared for. Peony 'Edulis Superba' has slightly fragrant rosy pink flowers with ruffled petals and pointed green leaves. It is a double bloom, which means it has twice as many petals as traditional peonies, giving them a much fuller appearance. It will grow to 32-36" wide x 32-36" tall and looks great front-and-center in gardens. PRO TIP: Support your peony with a cage or trellis in anticipation of its final height and heavy, lush blooms. Its flowers will appreciate the airflow that this will provide. Similarly, it is important that peonies receive full direct sun in order to bloom and avoid moisture-related diseases. Photo courtesy of Overdevest Nurseries -