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mandevilla 36 extra wide trellismandevilla 36 extra wide trellis

Mandevilla 36″ Trellis – Extra Wide





Mandevillas are stunning, tropical vines that will bloom until the first frost.

A mandevilla is perfect for climbing a trellis or pergola all summer long. Fan-shaped flowers in red, pink, or white overlap elegantly with lush foliage. Please select your color choice below.

Measures 28″ from top rim of pot to top of trellis and 36″ from bottom of pot. This trellis is twice as wide as the standard tripod trellis. Vines will grow taller than trellis and should be wrapped into the trellis for a full, bushy overall appearance.

PRO TIP: Allowing the stems to create a flower means fewer leaves will grow. Pinch off flower heads to encourage stems to split into two new leafing branches.

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