Lemon Herb Garden in Mossed Clay



Grow your own food and seasonings! Vegetable plants and potted herbs are seasonally available at McArdles. Savor the experience of harvesting your own fresh spices. The gift that keeps on giving, Our Lemon Herb Garden represents a mix of herbs that support all the flavors the refreshing citrus fruit has to offer! Lemon grass, lemon thyme, rosemary, and spearmint are packed together and planted in our mossed clay shown here. This design measures 24-26" in height and 12-14" in width, perfect for relaxing on the patio or for use in the kitchen. PRO TIP -- As it is still early in the season, our herbs are young when they arrive to you. After about 2-3 weeks, a simple transplanting of your herbs to the ground or a larger container will encourage them to grow and flourish.