Animal Repellent ~ Hot Pepper Wax Spray



  • Hot Pepper Wax Animal Repellent
  • Made from hot cayenne peppers. For use on fruits, vegetables and ornamentals.
  • Repels squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, raccoons, and voles. Even stops animals from chewing wood structures and fences. One application can last up to 4 weeks. Contains natural ingredients.
  • Available in 32floz ready-to-use spray bottle.
  • Increasingly, gardeners have to deal with the destructive habits of unwanted wildlife. The usual deer, rabbits, tree squirrels, and moles are being joined by skunks, raccoons, woodchucks, chipmunks, geese, voles and wild turkeys! Although physical barriers (fences, netting, etc.) are the most effective way to stop them, repellents can also be successful.
  • Many conditions come into play such as the time of the year they're used, the weather, how often they're applied, how determined the target animal is, and differences in the eating habits of certain herds. Remember a good strategy is to rotate between repellents so your unwanted wildlife doesn't get used to one type.

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