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James McArdle III

Owner and President

Favorite Flower: Salvia

Favorite Color: Green

Hobbies: Bible study, gardening, skiing, tennis

Can’t work without: Knife

Christine McArdle

Human Resources

Favorite Color: Navy Blue

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Plant: Jade

Hobbies: Baking, Walking with Ducan, Gardening

Ed Brown

Director of McArdle’s At Home

Favorite Plant: Orchid

Can’t Work Without: Cell phone & computer

Hobbies: Ocean/Beach, Broadway, Shopping

Caitlin Clonan

Creative Director

Favorite Color:



Can’t work without:

Michael Derouin

Director of Floral Design

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Flower: Vanda Orchid

Can’t Work Without: Floral knife

Favorite Season: Fall

Stephen Grant

Director of Garden Center

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Plant: dwark hinoki cypress

Favorite Tool: soil scooper

Hobbies: bass, music production, working

Vicki Florio

Office Director

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Plants: jasmine and tropical plants

Hobbies: walking in the park, watching movies, organizing something

Favorite Seasons: Spr

Ken Montalvan Romanello

Director of Delivery and Receiving

Favorite Color: Chartreuse

Favorite Plant: Ghost Pepper

Can’t work without: Price

Jim Zanetti

Garden Shop and Horticultural Solutions Director

Favorite Tool: A Good Quality Pruner

George Von tobel

Floral Design

Favorite Color: Gold

Pets: 2 Chihuahuas

Can’t work without: Knife

Heather O’Gorman

Floral Sales


Pet: Benny

Eric Quito


Pasttimes: Motorbiking, Hiking, Fishing, Football, Travelling

Favorite Plant: Orchid

Can’t work without: Positive Attitude

James Haggart

McArdle’s At Home

Favorite Flower: Passion Flower

hobbies: Music, Conerts, Sports, Reading

Favorite Color: Green

John Gulias

Floral Design

Favorite season: Summer

Pasttimes: Sailing, Kayaking

Can’t work without: Knife

Joseph Calabria

Customer Service

Favorite color: Purple

Can’t work without: Pen

Pastimes: Artistry, Reading, Walking Too Fast

Favorite flower: Pansy

Ken Brown

Garden Center

Favorite Season: Baseball

Favorite Flower: Rose

Can’t work without: Sharpie

Hobby: Gardening

Melissa Matturo

Floral Design and Sales

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Flowers: orchids and gardenia

Can’t work without: scissors

Hobby: boating

Leslie Hinshaw

Garden Center and Floral Design and Sales

Favorite Tool: Spearhead Spade

Favorite Plant: Bryophyta

Hobbies: gardening, knitting, going to the gym

Lillan Lofaro

Floral Sales and Design

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Tool: Joyce Chens

Favorite Flower: anything blue or purple, hydrangea, anemone, dahlia

Hobbies: going for walks,

Otto Florian

McArdle’s At Home

Favorite Colors: Green and White

Favorite Plant: Hydrangea

Can’t work without: Pick Axe

Pets: Dogs

Tim Jagemann

McArdle’s At Home

Hobbies: Woodworking, snowboarding, cooking

Favorite Season: Fall

Pets: mini goldendoodle – Theordore Roosevelt

Favorite Flower: Peony

Yimi Rivas Molina

McArdle’s At Home

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Tool: rake

Hobby: Reading

Pets: Horse

Alex Weisbrod

Flower Shop Sales and Design

Favorite Color: Teal

Favorite Plant: Weeping Cherry Tree

Can’t Work Without: Scissors

Tiffany Norfleet

Floral Design / Flower Processing

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Season: Summer

Hobbies: Eating vegan food, working out

Favorite Tool: Victorinox

Chris Romeo

McArdle’s At Home

Favorite Season: Spring/Summer

Favorite Flower: Hydrangea

Hobbies: Fishing, working on cars

Oscar Moreno

McArdle’s At Home

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Tool: Shovel

Hobbies: Dancing, movies

Favorite Flower: Sunflower

Victor Alfaro

McArdle’s At Home

Favorite Color: Red

Hobby: Travel

Favorite Tool: Knife

Favorite Flower: Rose

Pet: dog

Michael Grant

Creative Team

Favorite Season: Basil

Favorite Flower: Ranunculus

Hobbies: photography, travel, consuming media

Favorite Color: Indigo

Will Parry

Garden Center Sales and Design

Favorite Plant: Black Spruce

Can’t work without: notebook

Hobbies: camping,

Joe Collins

Creative Team

Favorite Colors: Purple & Flax Blue

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Flower: Gardenia

Favorite Plant: Ferns

Conner Butler

Garden Center Support

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite Tool: Forklift

Hobbies: Football, baseball, hockey


Team Mascot

Hobbies: Looking for Queenie and Bumpy

Can’t live without: Squeaky Toy

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