History & Philosophy

What our customers are saying

What a beautiful homecoming for me, Ed! I was thrilled to pull up to the house and see it looking glorious - lush, colorful and proud. Just what I had wished!

In short, your design was 100% on target for the style of the home, and for my own esthetics. Lovely - looks like it has been here some time; no overt announcement of a brand new planting!

Big smiles and so much gratitude to you... And, from what I can see - and hear from the kids, my parents and neighbors - your team was so capable, clean, quick. Bravo. ;-)

Marina, Greenwich CT

McArdle's History

McArdle’s Florist and Garden Center has a long history of bringing the very best interior and exterior floral and plant decorating to your home, landscape or business. Our unique blend of old world service and cutting-edge style come together to beautify your corner of the world both inside and out.

And it all started with a seed.

In 1910, James and Mary McArdle opened a store in downtown Greenwich to supply gardeners on the grand Greenwich estates. From that humble beginning, McArdle’s blossomed into a full-service florist and garden center.

Throughout the years, McArdle’s has grown with the times. Today, our love of beautiful spaces is behind every customer’s success in all things horticultural, whether preparing for the holidays, perfecting poolside gardens or upgrading corporate offices. As the oldest family business in town, we’re honored to carry on the tradition of exceptional customer service and the highest quality products for over 100 years.

Our award winning floral department features the area’s most creative designers who deliver cutting-edge style and traditional favorites to create arrangements as beautiful as they are sophisticated. Similarly, our award winning garden center’s selection of unusual annuals, perennials, edible plants and organic products has made us a favorite destination for both professional gardeners and amateur enthusiasts. Also, for gatherings from a simple dinner party to an elaborate wedding, McArdle’s Events is here to bring your plans to stunning life.

We are as passionate about Greenwich as we are for about beautiful plants and flowers. We have hosted the Reindeer Festival, and joined forces with Friends of Autism, Breast Cancer Alliance, Greenwich Land Trust, Boys and Girls Club, Kids In Crisis, Adopt-a-Dog and many others. We have supported local Little League teams and High School clubs. We also have planted gardens at Armstrong Court, Wilber Peck and Adams Gardens and offered workshops, expertise and products to the community. McArdle’s is a Greenwich tradition, and we are honored to partner with so many fine organizations to make our world a more beautiful place.

Mission Statement

We Believe
We believe in beautiful spaces.
We believe that plants and flowers are an essential part of special celebrations and every day moments.
We believe that design and quality matter in gifts, decor, plants and flowers.
We believe in the strength of a community of people working towards the same goal.

Our Mission
Our mission is to deliver an unforgettable shopping experience through our beautiful products, creativity, knowledge, and customer service.
We will provide a professional working environment that fosters teamwork, respect, growth and integrity.

Guiding Values
Enthusiasm: We are enthusiastic about our products and the joy they bring into people’s lives. We enjoy working with each other to make our customers happy. We are proud to be a part of the McArdle's tradition.
Empathy: We will demonstrate empathy in our customer and employee interactions. We will be effective listeners with our customers and each other. We will strive to understand our customer’s needs and expectations to provide them with solutions. We will demonstrate respect and empathy towards our fellow associates.
Excellence: We will demonstrate excellence in all our efforts. Attention to detail will always be critical. We will offer an excellent selection of top quality flowers, plants and supporting accessories. Our creativity will be excellent. Our product knowledge will be informative and accurate. Customer service will be consistently excellent.

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