Winter Garden Tour

February  In The Garden
Touring your garden this time of the year can be a rewarding experience.  It allows you to look at the structure of the garden without all the vegetation and foliage that is present during the growing season.  It is easier to visualize any changes you would like to make in the spring.   Pay attention to the contours of the land, and any natural elements like trees, boulders or streams.  Take notes of areas you want to highlight, and those you may want to camouflage.
Once back inside, look at recently arrived gardening magazines for ideas and new products.  This is a great time to come in to see us and discuss new products, plants, trees, shrubs  and  seeds available this year.   McArdles water3
Winter is also a great time to think about the hardware your garden needs!  We have large selection of comfortable outdoor furniture, water features, tools and accessories - order now for spring delivery!
Before all the work begins, this is a good time to consider the introduction of some organic gardening practices into your landscape.  It is more effective to implement these practices at the start of the season than to wait to respond to a growing problem.
A good example of this concept is weed prevention using organic corn gluten.  In a lawn setting, corn gluten must be applied two times a year for three years to be effective.  The sooner the process is started the better the chances of success will be before the weeds completely take over.  Another situation is where a particular insect may visit the same shrub every year.  Instead of waiting for the problem to get out of hand and the need to blast the plant with a toxic pesticide, plan to do a preventative spraying with an organic one prior to the yearly outbreak.   It is also a great time to make a commitment to improving the health of your soil with the addition of compost and other soil amendments containing beneficial  microbes right at the start of the spring.
So just because it is cold outside, the soil maybe frozen, or a blanket of snow covers everything, there are no excuses for not being in a gardening state of mind.
At McArdle's, we are always here to help!  Stop in and bring some photos of your garden now.  We can help you plan for a beautiful spring!608