What's NEW in the GARDEN CENTER this WEEK?

June 3 - Garden Glory!

McArdle's is BLOOMING!  Check out these Garden Center Team favorites:

ANGELONIA - one of our favorites for outdoor pots!  Will bloom until frost, loves the hot weather and deer despise it!
MAIDEN HAIR FERN and LIGULARIA 'BRIT MARIE CRAWFORD' add amazing color and texture!hydrangea
WHITE REBLOOMING HYDRANGEA - Forever and ever white out hydrangea blooms on new wood ALL SUMMER!
How about a little ORANGE? Arctotis, coleus, zinnia and more!

Giant fleece flower reaches 5-6' tall every year. By late may, it is covered with gorgeous white astilbe-like spikes. While astilbe blooms for 3 weeks every year, fleece will bloom for 7 weeks. Great for the back of your sun or shade garden. Bonus: deer don't touch!
Hot Pepper Ti plant.  Great for the center of your pot!
Stop in today - the Garden Center is bursting with beautiful blooms for your gardens.  No time?  Let us plant a garden or planter for you!

May 17 - 

Wow, time flies when you are dealing with spring and a busy Mother's Day!
Today's gorgeous weather has us all completely crazy with garden possibilities.  Frost free date is behind us, warm sunny days are ahead and we have everything you need for a beautiful garden!
WHATS NEW and PERFECT to PLANT in the garden this week:

Organic basil and organic tomatoes!

Plant these near each other as the basil helps repel flies, and aphids which can hurt tomatoes. The tomatoes will also have a better flavor when planted near basil.  Since you are going to eat them, only plant ORGANIC and use organic solutions.

NONSTOP begonias!

We love these plants for shady spots in your garden. Remember, we call shade less than three hours of sun per day.


Looking for a TALL plant sure to WOW? Your search is over. These are stunning.  Enjoy the blooms all summer!

Forever and ever hydrangeas!

These continue to bloom on new wood all summer long, and bloom every year regardless of when you prune them.  Get these before they are gone!
forever hydrangea forever hydrangea forever hydrangea
Stay tuned - we'll update this space to let you know what is new in the Garden Center!

May 6

Our gardeners are asking,  "what should I be doing in the garden this week?"
Chris Hart, one of our Garden Experts, has answers!

  1. Love your SOIL! Apply all soil amendments  to the lawn and garden. Lawns require applications of lime, fertilizer and weed control depending on your goals and soil test recommendations. Gardens may need applications of compost and organic fertilizers like Rose Tone, Holly Tone or Plant Tone.  See us for the correct application for YOUR lawn and garden.
  2. Get going on the Garden bed!  Weed and clean debris from the garden bed. An application of mulch can frame the plants and make the garden bed look neat, clean and beautiful.
  3. Garden-to-table?  Vegetable gardeners should apply compost and turn the soil. Stop in (or call and we can deliver!) for our Coast of Maine organic products. We LOVE these because they have a form of calcium that vegetables love.  Organic fertilizers can be worked into the soil at this time. Cool season crops like lettuce, kale, spinach and onions can be planted now.  The evenings are too cool for tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and basil - be patient! Vegetable seedlings can begin to be hardened off now.

May 5

What's new at McArdle's Garden Center?

Oh, this rain!
While today is not an ideal day to spend in the garden, we are rejoicing in the rain and all it means for the weekend and the weeks to come in the garden!  Frost free day is nearly here, so get those plans ready for a beautiful spring!
The rain may have interfered with your plans to garden today, but we can help!
Our talented design team is creating STUNNING spring container gardens that are ready to Grab-and-Go!  Instant facelift for you your home!

We've also given you a head start on your edible gardens with already-planted strawberry planters, lettuce bowls and raised beds and more.  Of course, if you want to plant your own, we have plenty of organic edibles ready for a new home in your garden.

Other highlights in the garden center this week:

Bloomstruck Endless Summer Hydrangeas in full bud $55 and $95. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2BludtWpds&feature=youtu.b
Green velvet boxwoods $59  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvL5J-MT_5E&feature=youtu.be
A great assortment of fragrant David Austin English Roses $59 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hHsUiKHb_Y&feature=youtu.be
Mandevillas 5’ tall $125---the plant that blooms all summer in your pots!
On the horizon - START PLANNING for MOTHER'S DAY!  Order flowers for Mom, or let us design an outdoor planter for her!

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