Dr. Z: Weeds! Lots of Them!

Mid summer, hot weather, and rainfall.  The perfect combination for weeds to take off and flourish. This is especially true in lawns that thin out this time of the year due to the extreme heat.  The thin turf allows sunlight to reach the weed seeds on the soil surface and causes them to germinate.  Also at this time weed preventatives, such as Preen, can begin to wear off and need to be reapplied.
It is important to stop weeds from going to seed as this will result in a "super invasion" of them next year.  The surest way to get rid of this seed, if the weed has matured, is to hand pull it.  Do not compost these weeds, simply throw them out.
If there are weeds in a lawn, do not apply a weed killer to the whole lawn in this heat.  Spot spray them with a chemical selective broad leaf weed killer, like Bonide's Weed Beater Ultra.  An organic product, such as Burn Out, can be used with care since this is a total vegetation (non-selective) weed killer.
Weeds in a garden bed call for Burn Out (organic) or Round Up (chemical).  Just be careful not to get any spray on desirable plants.
For weeds in cracks, crevices, or driveways, Burn Out or Round Up should work without any problems.
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