Wearable Floral Art for Prom!

Hello Friends,
Prom is here! The greatest night of a young person's life so far. Of course you know that floral corsages and boutonnieres are the go to accessory for the promenade, but I want to touch on some less traditional options for you. Of course, there's nothing wrong with a little tradition, McArdle's being a 110 year tradition in Greenwich and all. But, we do like to offer some different pieces now and again.

For Ladies:

We offer a beautiful selection of wrist corsages with roses, orchids, and more, like the miniature cymbidium corsage that you see on the right. All of our options do come in white, our most popular color, but the miniature roses and miniature cymbidium do offer the choice of a few alternate colors. We offer three different styles of bracelet with our corsages, rhinestones, strings of pearls, and a brushed metal cuff, all of which are wearable keepsakes. You can actually remove the flowers and wear the bracelet again!

Along with more traditional corsages, we also offer floral cuffs. The Chic Floral Bracelet that you see on the left has a very different visual profile than our standard corsages, and will make quite a statement for that reason. Prom, of all nights, certainly seems like the one where you want to stand out from the crowd!  It's also worth noting that,  unlike the traditional corsages, the floral cuffs can only be made on the brushed metal cuff bracelet.
With prom also comes the time honored tradition of choosing a class King and Queen. We wish the best of luck to anyone in the running, but why not really wow your friends by walking in wearing a crown? A Floral Crown of course. Now, a styling tip, if you do love the crown, keep jewelry and other accessories to a minimum. Really allowing the flowers to stand out on their own will give your look much more impact. Our standard crown size is twenty-one inches in circumference, so if you do need custom sizing for your crown, be sure to let us know. We can measure your head in person or you could take the measurement, and relay the number to us.

For Gentlemen:

Unfortunately, boys have fewer options for floral prom accessories than their dates, but that doesn't mean they should have less fun!  Our designers mount blooms and accent foliage on a wrapped wire stem that is meant to blend seamlessly into a young man's lapel. A fulsome blossom on the lapel makes a masculine, elegant statement, but a rose is not the only option. A single phalaenopsis bloom, or even a succulent head on a boutonniere adds complexity and interest to an outfit. If you're catching glances from people thinking "I've never seen that before... what's on his lapel?" That is a good thing, friends. You can see the echeveria succulent boutonniere below.

I should also mention that our designers can take on custom jobs as well. If you have an inspiration image or a different sort of flower that you'd like to use, then we'd be happy to bring your vision to life. The price point on a custom job would vary, but we're happy to consult with you.
So, any questions? Comments? Maybe you'd just like to know more about our styles? Stop in, or give us a call. We'd love to send you to prom feeling great and looking sharp. Thanks for reading!
by Justin Lievano who hopes everyone has a great time!

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