Valentine's Day Is Sooner Than You Think! How Will You Send Love?

Celebrating Valentine's Day with Gifts From McArdle's:

As Florists, Valentine's Day is a big deal for us. We will process thousands of flowers in the coming days. However, we always keep in mind that Valentine's Day is an even bigger deal for you! It's a day for expressing love to the important people in our lives. Cynicism may be the fashion lately, but there really is something to be said for showing someone that you care... and we know that the best way to do that is beautiful flowers and plants. So, settle in, think of someone special, and let's break down some of the fabulous options we'll have for you this Valentine's Day.

A Brand New Floral Collection:

This year, we've named our collection after qualities associated with love. In the upper right corner of this post, you'll see "Desire," which features a stunning selection of 3 dozen roses in varying shades of red and burgundy. I'm going to highlight a couple of my favorites, but you can explore the full collection by clicking here. I do have one caveat, though. Our Valentine's collection will be available for pick-up and delivery beginning February 10th. So, if you need a gift to express love in the meantime, we'd be happy to create a bespoke arrangement for you.


To the left, you'll see "Patience," an arrangement of  pink, blush, and white, tucked cozily into a soft pink ceramic vessel. Our designers have set striking phalaenopsis orchids, ranunculus, and hyacinth (which give this arrangement a sweet scent) atop pillowy pink hydrangea. The more subdued tones of this arrangement are perfect to capture the softness of new love. Remember the blush you felt on your face the first time you saw your love? That's what this arrangement conveys! Likewise, it is  also a perfect gift for a mother, or sister. The tenderness of these colors would reflect the familiar love we feel for the women in our families.


This next arrangement is definitely suited to passion and romance. The arrangement on the right is called "Adoration." In its sleek vase, our designers have arranged ranunculus, garden roses, and phalaenopsis orchids. The fuscias, crimsons, and purples in this arrangement strike a stunning contrast against their black vessel. If being "deeply in love" had a color scheme, this would be it. The styling and vessel of this arrangement also lend it a modern feeling. So, if your true love has very chic taste, this arrangement is a fantastic gift.

Roses by the Dozen:

Now, maybe you agree that these arrangements are lovely, but you prefer to keep with tradition. Maybe your Valentine simply adores rose arrangements. Or maybe you'll opt for a number of roses that corresponds to how many years you've shared together. If dozens of roses suit your Valentine's vision, click here to shop our rose arrangements.

Valentine's Plants & Blooming Gardens:

"Luxe Shooting Star Garden"

As gifts, blooming plants have the beauty of flowers and incredible longevity too! Most blooming plants will flower continuously for three full weeks. So, if you're looking for a gift that will express your love for weeks to come, consider a planted garden. To the left, you'll see our "Luxe Shooting Star Garden," a grand arrangement of white blooms. This garden features unique shooting star hydrangea, whose flowers float above lacy jasmine vine. The jasmine flowers also have a light scent when they bloom, so this garden is a gift to more than one sense. Of course, you could also shop our full selection of Valentine's plants by clicking here.

Gifts for Him & Non-traditional Valentine's Gifts:

"Cloche Terrarium"

In 2018, it would be ignorant of us to assume that the only people giving gifts on Valentine's Day are men. This Holiday is a celebration of love, which comes in many forms, and might call for something a little less traditional than flowers. In those cases, succulents and terraria are wonderful options, and we often find that they make great gifts for men. Over to the right, you'll see our classic "Cloche Terrarium." Under its glass dome, this terrarium features adorable tiny green plants with wood and stone accents. There's something undeniably fascinating about watching your own little world grow before your eyes.

"Send Some Comfort"

If you're looking for something to delight the senses, try our gourmet baskets and gifts. Much as love might "keep us warm," Valentine's Day does take place during the late winter. So, to supplement the warmth of love, try a warm cup of tea! Our "Send Some Comfort" gift basket includes Flying Bird Tea, Honey sourced from the Catskills, and an aromatic candle. This gift is sure to warm your Valentine up inside and out! Additionally, our gourmet selections make great upgrades to other Valentine's gifts. When you send flowers with a basket of treats, you're really sending a romantic experience, as opposed to just a gift. Life is about experiences, right? Love should be too!

Let Us Help You Create the Perfect Valentine's Day:

Well, I've thrown a lot at you, but I'm hoping some inspiration stuck. If you have questions about any of this, or you just want to talk through your thoughts, call us  at 203-661-5600. You can also write to us at [email protected] On the other hand, if you love one of the ideas I've given you, all the items featured in this post can be ordered directly from our site. Just click any of the bold-faced words above to be taken to that item. We'll look forward to hearing from you, and in the meantime, good luck planning your romantic day. 
by Justin Lievano who is looking forward to buying lots of chocolate at a discount after Valentine's Day. 

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