Finishing Touches to Make Your Valentine Gifts Even More Special!

Looking to Really Make a Statement?

Hello again, friends! We're back with another thought on Valentine's Day before it hits. Most of us have seen rose dozens all our lives. With the exception of a scene in Sex and the City where a jilted Carrie knocks some pink carnations across her living room, rose dozens are the most iconic flower arrangement. So, how do you elevate something so familiar? Well, our designers have done half the work for us! They've designed our exquisite roses in sleek white vases, and chosen modern accent greens. The other part of creating perfect Valentine gifts falls to us in the flower shop. We provide the chocolates, candles, and finishing touches that make your flowers even more special. So let's chat a bit about that. I'll give you a rundown of our options for making your Valentine gifts perfect.

Gourmet Goodies:

Harbor Sweets Valentine's Assortment

Nothing says Valentine's Day quite like flowers and chocolate. It's one of the most classic Valentine gifts for a reason. We've added our special twist by carrying unique gourmet chocolates, some of which are locally sourced. To the right, you'll see "Our Favorite Valentine's Chocolates." These treats are made in Salem, Massachusetts, and have something of a cult following. Our box contains dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and their famous sweet sloops. So, whether you're looking for something to add some sweetness to an already impressive flower arrangement, or just need a little something for a friend, this might be perfect. You should check out our whole selection of gourmet gifts as well. Those of you familiar with the area may recognize Blue Tulip chocolates from our neighboring town of Rye. NY, along with cookies, crackers, and spreads! We've even got some scrumptious gourmet gift baskets, which I've written about before.

Candles, Skincare, & Lifestyle:

Generation Bee Bath Soaks, Lip Balms, Body Scrubs & Butters

My next few suggestions lean more in the direction of aromatherapy. To the left, you'll see a new product like that we're so excited to carry! It's called Generation Bee. The line consists of bath soaks, lip balms, body scrub, and body butter. All the ingredients are naturally sourced from the company's bee hives, botanical sources, and essential oils. In order to create his line, the owner actually collaborated with cosmetic chemists so the line would be as luxurious as it is natural. Because the line is new to us, we haven't quite had the chance to get it on the web yet, but if you'd like to check it out, stop by or give us a call. We also carry our usual line of soy candles as well.

Creating an Experience with Your Valentine Gifts:

When we suggest these little finishing touches to your Valentine gifts, we're aiming to make your holiday that much more meaningful. We can assure you that it's so meaningful to open a delivery of flowers and realize there's a little something else in the box too. It makes you feel special, like your valentine has taken the time to choose a unique gift for you. So, take a look at the options I've spelled out here. Stop by our showroom, and take a look around. Find that little something that will let your Valentine know you went above and beyond. We'll be glad to make suggestions if you need!
by Justin Lievano