Summer Flowers from McArdle's in your House & Garden

Finding Fabulous Summer Flowers at McArdle's:

Hello again, friends! Today, we're going to chat about some of the gorgeous summer flowers we have for you here at McArdle's. We'll be touching on our new Early Summer Collection of floral arrangements along with our plants in the garden center and greenhouse too! Summer is the season of color and abundance. Gardens come into full bloom; peonies, garden roses, and hydrangea arrive in the shop looking luscious and enticing. Whether you prefer your flowers indoors or out, we've got something you'll love.


"Pink Lemonade," available at McArdles

The Early Summer Floral Collection:

Our incredible design team produces about ten unique floral collections every year. Right now, we're enjoying our early summer flowers. Our current collection is named for beach destinations and the drinks you might enjoy there. In the upper right corner of this post, you'll see my personal favorite, Key Largo. It's a resplendent arrangement of dutch hydrangea, gloriosa lilies, and eremerus (fox tail) lilies. This tall arrangement is dramatic and linear in form, so it makes the perfect summer gift for someone with modern & artistic sensibilities. Imagine seeing that fabulous piece of living art on your kitchen island. You'd have no choice but to stop and stare.

To the left. you'll see another favorite, Pink Lemonade. This arrangement is a sweet accent for the desk or coffee table, a collection of soft pinks set against vibrant green. This arrangement makes the perfect hostess gift for a summer celebration, or a great surprise at work for someone you love. Our beautiful summer arrangements will put the recipient's mind onto thoughts of warm, sandy destinations and strong cocktails. Frankly, what could be better? Of course, we can always create a custom arrangement as well, so feel free to call the shop to discuss all the possibilities.


"Orange Flame Outdoor Garden," available at McArdles

Summer Flowers in Container Gardens:

Container gardens are a quick and easy solution for adding color to your porch or backyard. Now, to see the full range of what we can create, you really should stop by our garden center. However, we do have some beautiful options available on our website as well. To the right, you'll see our "Orange Flame Outdoor Garden." This garden contains a vibrant planting of orange and yellow annuals that shine like the sun. Pop a few of these around your pool, or across your deck, and you'll have instant blooming beauty. These gardens really are the easiest way to punch up your yard.

"Ornamental Edibles" garden, available at McArdles

You should know that we can also create container gardens of herbs and veggies! To the left, you'll see our "Ornamental Edibles" garden. Personally, I think this garden makes the perfect housewarming gift because you're giving the gift of fresh, home grown vegetables to someone you love. On the other hand, you could absolutely treat yourself to this container garden as well. There's little as satisfying as carrying in a basket of freshly harvested herbs and vegetables to use for dinner. Have you ever seen those pictures of Oprah carrying huge baskets of produce from her garden? That could be you too!

Summer Hydrangea Garden, available from McArdle's Florist

The Outdoors Contained, Bringing Summer Flowers Indoors:

One of the best ways to give a long lasting gift, or get the most out of flowers in your home is to use blooming plants. We produce and sell our potted gifts so quickly that some of our best work doesn't even make it onto the website. I don't have a link for you, but check out the gorgeous garden on the right. It contains petite purple hydrangea with little bird nest ferns tucked throughout. The effect of the glossy green foliage against the soft purple hydrangea is just to die for. Gardens like these give you the chance to enjoy all the glory of summer without leaving the comfort of your living room. Let me tell you, when the temperature climbs above 85, even I don't want to spend too long in the garden.

"Succulents on the Half Shell," available at McArdles

These may not technically be summer flowers, but succulents are wonderful plants for the season as well. To the left, you'll see a garden that I've written about previously. It's called "Succulents on the Half Shell," and it's a fulsome garden of succulents in a clam shaped planter, just the right touch of nautical for the summer. Succulents are very hardy (assuming they get lots of sun), and you can even bring them outside onto your deck or patio as well. With that said, if your succulents have been living inside, and you want to give them some time outside, take it slow. Start them with an hour outside each day and slowly increase the amount of time they spend outside.


Getting the Most Out of Your Flowers this Summer:

As you can see, there's no shortage of ways to ring in the summer season at McArdle's. But we don't just furnish you with beauty, we're also here to ensure you get the best value out of your summer flowers. We guarantee our fresh cut arrangements to last one week, and can show you how to cut your own stems for maximum longevity. We can provide you with all manner of fertilizers, pesticides, & tools to ensure everything comes up roses (or whatever plant you choose; I just enjoy showtunes). Give us a call (203-661-5600) or write to us ([email protected]) with any questions or if you'd like to place an order. We'll look forward to hearing from you. Until next time, we hope you'll enjoy all the beauty that summer has to offer.

by Justin Lievano who is consistently amazed by the talented and creative people at McArdle's. 





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