Start your Fall Vegetable Garden: "Dr. Z's" Tip of the Week

Fall vegetable gardening is a good way to extend the bounty of your vegetable patch.  And if you did not have a vegetable garden this year, now is a great time to start one.
Vegetable gardens in the fall feature less competition from weeds and pests.  The soil is warm and dry from the summer, as opposed to being cold and wet in the spring from the long winter.  Better germination can be achieved due to the absence of any unexpected cold weather which can kill off tender seedlings.  You will be more successful sheltering a mature plant from the late fall cool weather than you would be protecting  a seedling from the early spring cold.  That's why it's important to allow for a fall planting to get a well established root system so it can withstand the rigors of late fall weather.
Seeds can be started in trays or pots just like in the spring.  They should be germinated in an area that's out of the hot sun, but where they will get plenty of light.  Transplant them to the garden in the evening to minimize any sun or heat shock.
We have a nice selection of fall vegetable transplants if customers do not want to use seeds.  We also have a handout on fall vegetable gardening and everything you need for a successful fall harvest!

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