Dr. Z: Start Seeding the Lawn Now!

greenview grassseed accelerator
Last week we talked about holding off on seeding a lawn because of the hot and dry weather. Well cooler weather has arrived and provided water can be supplied, the repair seeding of a lawn can begin.  Keep in mind the water is the all important factor.
After all the preparation is completed (killed any crabgrass and broad leaf weeds, de-thatched existing lawn, raked out any dead patches, and spread any needed topsoil), the grass seed can be applied.  Lightly work the seed into the loose soil or cover lightly with topsoil.  Do not bury the seed.
Keep the area moist (not soaking wet) at the beginning of this process as the grass seed just needs to crack open and germinate.  As time goes on, water less frequently, but for a longer duration as the seedling will develop a root system that is deeper in the soil.  But it is vital to keep it moist at the start.
There are products available that can help the seeded areas evenly retain their moisture.
One is Mulch Master Shredded Straw which is 100% natural.  A thin layer of this straw (about 1/4" deep) can be spread over the seeded areas.
Next is Greenviews' Grass Seed Accelerator.  It is a light seeding paper mulch with a mild stater fertilizer and wetting agent included.  Apply the pellets over seeded areas covering about 1/3 of the exposed soil.  It always reminds me rabbit food!  When watered, the pellets will expand and cover the bare soil.

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