Dr. Z: Spraying in Hot Weather

The following are some tips that will make spraying for insects and disease more successful and less harmful to plant material.  These tips are especially important to be mindful of during the hot and dry weather we have been experiencing.
Always spray in the evening when the sun is off the plant for the day.  If the spraying can not be done then, the next best time is in the early morning before the sun is on the plant.
Do not spray ahead of very hot weather.  That is, if the temperature is going to be 87-88 degrees with high humidity the next day, wait until that type of weather breaks.
Do not spray a plant that is undergoing drought stress.  Give the plant a good watering prior to spraying, keeping the leaves dry. Do not spray if rain is expected within 24 hours as this will only wash the spray off the plant. Sometimes spraying under adverse conditions can cause a plant more harm than the problem that is being addressed. Following these tips will prevent a plant's foliage from getting "burned" due to the combination of the spray itself and the heat and drought.

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