Oct 28, 2017: Silk Scarf Dyeing with Monique Michaels

Create A Bundle Dyed Silk Scarf Using Natural Materials:

WHEN: Saturday, 10/28/17 from 2:00 PM-4:00 PM
WHERE: McArdle's- 48 Arch Street, Greenwich
INSTRUCTOR: Monique Michaels
Registration Fee: $95.00
Registration for this event has closed.
McArdle's is pleased to welcome guest instructor, Monique Michaels, for a fun afternoon of learning and bundle dyeing!
Monique is a textile artist specializing in natural, botanical dyes.  She creates organic, handmade goods using plants, flowers, barks and insect based dyes and fibers such as cotton, muslin, linen, and silk.  All pieces are designed, dyed, and crafted in small batches, making them truly one of a kind.  For more on Monique visit her Bio, link below.
Participants will learn the basics of bundle dyeing with natural materials.  You'll work with natural dyes including local materials and McArdle's past-bloom flowers and sourced materials like quebracho, madder root, and logwood.
Learn how to choose and prepare textiles for dyeing, how the process of bundle dyeing extracts color from natural materials, and use the techniques learned in this workshop to create a bundle dyed silk scarf.
The $95 registration fee includes instruction, a silk scarf, and all the dyestuffs you'll need.  This workshop can get messy, so dress accordingly.

Step 1: arrange dyestuffs on material
Step 2: bundle
Step 3: reveal your own, unique design!

For more information on Monique's background and work, click here.

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