Pumpkin Painting with Kids!

Decorating pumpkins is a great way to share the fun of the season with your kids.  Our own Margaret led a great McArdle's Kids workshop today and is sharing some of her tips for fun with the little ones.
You'll want to protect the table or work surface because this can get messy! At the same time, protect your clothes from paint.  An old shirt from Mom or Dad makes a great smock.
Kids will likely want to paint more than one pumpkin, so bring plenty home!  We also found that having a variety of paint brush sizes made it fun for the children to experiment with different textures and paint styles.  Little hands appreciate large brush handles. We also poured acrylic paints into a palette, and allowed kids to custom mix colors.
Once the brushes and paints are ready, just have fun.  You can suggest patterns, or use stencils, or just let your children experiment and enjoy!