Living Drapes & Screens: Creating a Sense of Privacy with Floor Plants

Decorating in Green, and Choosing the Right Floor Plants:

Hello again friends,
It's safe to say that green is in! The 2017 Pantone color of the year is "Greenery," and I recently saw a fabulous deep green living room in Vogue Living. Moreover, houseplants and floor plants have come back in force. Decorating magazines, blogs, and even well curated Instagram pages show house plants in every room. Along with just adding charm to a room, plants can also help you create a sense of privacy by acting as a living screen. Perhaps you love the light from a window, but it overlooks a neighbor's yard. Maybe you have an apartment in the city, and want a little privacy in tight quarters. Whatever your needs may be, our experts can help you choose the perfect plant. Before calling, you might like to get some inspiration by browsing our Green Home Collection online.
As with any plant purchase, you need to think about your light. If the window faces south or west, you're probably getting strong direct or indirect light for most of the day. If your window faces North or East, you're likely getting low light in the mornings. Strong light will give you more liberty of choice than low light, but we have the right plant for any light level.

Low Light House Floor Plants:

If the room you have in mind has low light, you might choose a plant like the one you see on the left. She's called Dracena Lind Bouquet, and she tolerates low light very well. Also, she's fuller and more leafy than most Dracena varieties, so she's great for partially obscuring a poorly placed window. Ours is displayed here with a white ceramic pot, and stands about 5.5 feet tall.
Other plants that would work well in the same environment would be Dracena cousins, like D. Marginata; Kentia Palms, whose leaves spread quite wide; and even shorter plants like Peace Lily or Chinese Evergreen if you boost them up on a plant stand. These plants are perfect for, say, windows that overlook an alley where the sunlight doesn't stream through but you still need some obscurity. Most of the plants that I mentioned have broad leaves which will block any unfortunate sight lines as they take their energy from the sun.

Plant Options for Brighter Spots:

Now, if you've got a very sunny spot where you still want coverage, English Ivy is one great option.  To the right, you'll see a picture of some hanging Ivy baskets that I took in our Greenhouse earlier this year. Now, these aren't floor plants per se, but I hope you can see how a pair of draping Ivy plants could screen a window beautifully. In fact, when I posted that picture online, I titled it "A Curtain of Green." Kudos if you caught the Eudora Welty reference.
Other plants that would thrive in bright light include other types of Ivy, Philodendron, Birds of Paradise, Ficus Trees, Fish Tail Palms, and more. If you're unsure of your light situation, here's what to do. When you have a free day, just take a note of when sunlight comes into the room and for how many hours. Fortunately, you don't have to stand there all day. Just keep an eye on the room. Once you determine whether it's morning, afternoon, or full day sun, you can leave the rest to us. We have a selection of plants to match any needs. We also guarantee all green plants for a month, so if anything goes awry, we're here to help. There are few things quite as crummy as having large floor plants die on you, so we strive to ensure that you choose the right plant, and that you leave knowing everything you need to care for your new green friend.
As always, please reach out with any questions at 203-661-5600, or by email at [email protected] Another great way to learn more is to stop into our showroom and have a chat with our experts. We can show you around the shop, and give you some tips or ideas. Thanks for reading! and we'll hope to see you soon.
by Justin Lievano who believes that having plants in a room suffuses it with life.

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