Plants that Bloom the Longest in Your Containers

Tall Plants (grow 2’ and above)

Mandevilla Agastache (all varieties)
Ageratum ‘White Bouquet’
Begonia ‘Dragon Wing’
Cleome (all varieties)
Mandevilla (all varieties)
Salvia ‘Black and Blue’, ‘Argentine Skies’, ‘Paul’, and ‘Indigo Spires’
Verbena bonariensis
Medium Plants (grow 6”-2’)
Angelonia (all varieties)
Arctotis (all varieties)
Begonia (all varieties, including many of the newer series)
Browalia americana
Catharanthus (all varieties)
Diplademia (all varieties)
Impatiens (all varieties, including the new ones like the Fusion series)
Lantana (all varieties)
Short Plants (grow downward and/or up to 6”)
Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’
Million Bells

2 thoughts on “Plants that Bloom the Longest in Your Containers”

  • Kathleen May

    I love your website and your newsletter which are full of interesting, useful information.
    Are you planning any more flower arranging/instruction sessions?

  • Mary Artemis

    Love the flower arranging sessions, also. Also LOVE pictures....for those of us learning about different varieties and flowers (who isn't?) would be great to have some more pictures above, for instance "Million Bells"?? Would love to see a pictures of these listed.

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