Planting Instructions for Paperwhites

Planting Instructions for Paperwhites

Paperwhite bulbs have been imported for years from Italy and France. In recent years they are being imported from Israel and it has been found that the bulbs from Israel give the best results. One big advantage of Israeli bulbs is that they do not become leggy when planted early, and they do bloom better planted early. McArdle's only sells the Israel grown Paperwhite bulbs.

You do not have to be concerned about drainage in the container that grow paperwhites. A bowl 3-4 inches deep makes an ideal container. Fill half of the bowl with gravel grit, then set the bulbs in the grit as close together as possible. Add more grit until the bowl is ¾ full. The only purpose in using the gravel grit is to provide anchorage for the bulbs. After planting, be sure the nose of the bulb protrudes through the top of grit. A teaspoonful of flake charcoal mixed in with each quart of gravel helps to give better results. After planting the bulbs add enough water so that it appears at the level of the top of the bulbs with no excess water appearing on top of the gravel.

Using Israeli grown Paperwhites it's not necessary any more to give the bulbs the dark treatment. The paperwhites can be placed in a room with normal temperature and plenty of light.

As the bulbs grow they will demand more moisture. Such being the case water should be added 2 or 3 times a week. Since forcing these bulbs uses up all their energy the bulbs should be discarded when finished blooming.