Choosing the Perfect Mother's Day Flowers for Your Mom!

Our Collection of Mother's Day Flowers:

Hello again, friends! So, that time is here again; time to honor mom for all that she does. Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13... right around the corner. You might be surprised to learn that Mother's Day is a busier holiday for us than Valentine's Day. The reality is that not everyone has a valentine, but almost everyone has a mom. But, how do you choose the perfect gift for your own mom? Well, that's the very question I'm here to answer. So, get comfortable, and I'll talk you through some of the fabulous Mother's Day flowers we've got on offer this year.

The Traditional Mom:

In the upper right corner of this post, you'll see our arrangement "ROSE." This year, our collection is named for famous TV Moms. I'm sure you'll see some names that you recognize. This is a gorgeous arrangement of Dutch pink hydrangea, coral peonies, hot pink garden roses, and fresh mint to offset all that resplendent pink. We've styled these blooms in a rounded, hand-tied fashion that lends them a traditional feel. So if your mom has more traditional, and feminine tastes, this might be just the arrangement for her. How do you know if mom has traditional taste? Well, ask yourself a few questions. Does she love pink and purple? Can you find lacy doilies in her china cabinet? Does she take her tea at 2pm, but no later? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Rose could be the perfect gift for your mom.

"Dorothy" is available exclusively at McArdle's

The Mod Mom:

To the left, you'll see our "DOROTHY" arrangement. ThisĀ arrangement makes the perfect gift for a mod mom. I mean a mom who considers the 60s her old stomping grounds. I'm talking about a mom who spent her youth wearing Mondrion inspired sheath dressed and nude lipstick. This sleek arrangement features a monochromatic color scheme, with glossy green anthurium, delicate chartreuse orchids, and soft ferns nestled in a geometric bowl. These long lasting tropicals give this arrangement a modern sensibility. If mom loves to decorate in black and white, or takes regular trips to MOMA, these could be the perfect Mother's Day flowers for her.

The Traveling Mom:

"Edith" is available exclusively at McArdle's

If you look to the right, you'll see "EDITH," a beautiful arrangement of whites and blues in a delftware inspired ceramic vase. We have arranged these blooms in an artistic manner that plays with visual lines and negative space. That, along with the ornately detailed blue and white pot, gives the arrangement an touch of oriental styling. So, if you've got a mom whose seen the world, and brought back souvenirs, you might choose Edith for her Mother's Day flowers. This arrangement is petite, well suited to a vanity or nightstand. However, the fabulous thing about Edith is that she looks great in multiples. So 3 of these would be beautiful down the center of mom's table, or 5 might be gorgeous dotted around the house, one for the bedroom, one for the living room, one on the bathroom counter, and so on.

The Artist Mom:

"Carol" is available exclusively at McArdle's

On the left, you'll see "Carol," a stunning arrangement of hydrangea and viburnum floating in a textured purple vase. You'll find some lilac in there as well, which adds a wonderful fragrance to the arrangement. The soft tones and texture of the blooms strike a cool contrast against the more rigid texture of the vase, and lend this arrangement the quality of a water color painting. If your mom takes painting classes over at Silvermine, these might be perfect for her, Likewise, if mom collects unique tchotchkes, she'll love to keep this vase once the arrangements fades.

Choosing the Perfect Gift, Whatever It May Be:

Forest Lights & Lather is available at McArdle's

We're florists, so we'll always believe that Mother's Day flowers are the best way to tell mom how much we love her. But we do have some alternative options too, like our "Forest Lights and Lather" gift set, pictured to the right. Gifts like this are great options for moms who might not love flowers. On the other hand, these gifts make the perfect finishing touch to add to a floral gift. Imagine getting a beautiful arrangement of fresh cut blooms, a sweet green plant, and some luxury bath and body products too! What could make mom happier? Of course, we can also create custom gift selections. We'd be happy to curate a basket of treats for mom to enjoy with her mother's day flowers. Just reach out to us or check out our Mother's Day Gifts online! The possibilities are (almost) endless.
Thank you for reading, friends! If you have any questions about our flowers or gifts for mom, please just give us a call at 203-661-5600 or write to us at [email protected]. By the way, a word to the wise: Place your orders early for Mother's Day, and surprise mom with an early delivery. If she gets her flowers on Friday or Saturday, she can enjoy them all weekend and beyond. Don't forget, we guarantee our flowers for a whole week! Also, our hours of operation are abbreviated on Sundays. So, if we try to deliver to Mom on Mother's Day Sunday, and we miss her because she's out to brunch, we won't be able to make a second delivery attempt that day. In that case, she wouldn't get her flowers until Monday. That's no fun for anyone. Thanks again, and we can't wait to send your moms some love!

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