Dec 2nd: Mandarin Oranges & Pecans Direct from Georgia!

The Georgia Peach Truck

Returns to McArdle's

Sunday, December 2nd from 2-3pm


Peaches are so "Summer"... now it's time to stock up on the most delicious farm-to-street Mandarin Oranges and Shelled Pecans available, direct from Georgia.
Franklin Farms in Statesboro, Georgia proudly sends their finest mandarin oranges in the delicate Satsuma and Kishu varieties. You won't find this special citrus is most stores because the skin of the Kishu is more fragile than the common Clementine.  We think that's a good thing because it makes them easier to peel.  Plus, Kishus are sweeter!
The pecans come from The Lamar Pecan Company, a family business that started in the late 1970's and developed into one of the largest pecan farms in Georgia.  They produce over 2.5 million pounds of pecans a year on nearly 2300 acres!  The Georgia Peach truck carries jumbo halves of Caddo pecans, graded "Fancy" for their superior presentation.  The pecans get freshly shelled at peak flavor and have a delicious, snappy crunch!
Customers are welcome to complimentary mesh citrus bags and cellophane pecan bags for holiday gifting in smaller portions.

  • Sastsuma Mandarin Oranges - 20 Pound Box $48
  • Kishu Mandarin Oranges - 12 Pound Box $49
  • Lamar's Caddo Pecans - 1 Pound Bag $15
  • Lamar's Caddo Pecans - 3 Pound Bag $42

Visit McArdle's Florist & Garden Center on Sunday, December 2nd from 2:00-3:00 pm and enjoy these special seasonal treats!
For more information please call (203) 661-5600

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