Not Another Shrub For My Containers!

The Problem:  You want something seasonal in your containers for the holidays but you do not want to be married to another evergreen shrub.
The Solution:  An arrangement of assorted greens can add color, texture and bring you through winter until the pansies arrive in spring!

What you will need:  Your favorite cut greens, pine cones, branches, clippers, potting soil, and a watering can.
1)  Fill your containers with potting soil almost to the top.
2)  Start with the greens that are considered fillers. These will take up the most space and give the illusion of a full pot. Some of the filler greens include white pine, hemlock and cedar.  Cut each branch on an angle before sticking them into the soil.
3)  Place the greens at all different angles in the soil (like you are greening an arrangement for indoors):  straight up, 45 degree angles and almost laying down on the container rim. Be sure to move around the container so you don’t have any holes.
4)  After using the filler greens add some fun with complimentary greens like variegated boxwood, juniper, incense cedar and coned hemlock throughout your composition.
5)  Finish with architectural branches like Scotch Broom.  Insert winterberry branches to add “berry” punch. Glitter branches, pine cones and ribbon can provide the finishing touch.
6)  Remember these branches are alive and they will continue to “drink”- so check on them like you would a live plant and water accordingly. Also the less sun they receive, the longer they will last into the winter.