Meet Our New Favorite Pottery!

Looking for a unique and trendy style of pottery for your flowers and plants?
We are swooning over our latest find - Serax!  Caitlin searched the globe to find the very best for our customers, and she found it.
McArdle’s is currently the only store in the US to sell pottery from the Belgian design company Serax.
Serax originated in 1987, when brothers  Serge and Axel Van den Bossch combined forces to create a flower pot company. Since its beginnings, Serax has expanded to include an extensive range of over 4,000 decorative articles.
Serax designs combines inspiration from Belgian and international designers to fulfill their philosophy of creating accessible, high-quality, and functional designs. The new pottery collection combines unique colors, textures, and materials to meet everyone’s taste. With a diverse range of styles, from stark to rustic, you will be sure to find the perfect pottery to spruce up your home, or brighten someone else’s day!
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Stop into our store  to check out our exclusive pottery from Serax!