McArdle's Is Having a Sale! Take 50% Off of Perennials, Shrubs, & Roses That Are Past Bloom!

Why We're Offering a Discount:

Hello again friends!
Here we are in the dog days of summer! By now, planting season is slowing down here at McArdle's. Of course, this doesn't mean that garden projects are over. We should all still be weeding our beds, feeding our plants, beating back pests and all. However, after a great May and June, the time has come for our annual sale! The nature of blooming plants, unfortunately, is that they do not bloom forever. Annuals will give you blooms all season, while perennials bloom for about four weeks. As it happens, some of our beautiful perennials have spent themselves for the year, so we're offering them at half off of their original price. I should mention that all plants featured in the sale are in perfect health; they're just less showy than their brethren right now, but they will bloom fabulously next year!
This sale is a great opportunity to plan ahead for your garden next spring. By giving our sale plants a home now, you'll have given them a chance to grow and establish themselves when their next blooms appear. After all, a plant's second year is when it really shows its full glory. So, even if you're just filling an empty space in the garden, you can rest assured that these plants will come back like gangbusters next year. You may also find some hard goods in our sale section as well. We will be offering some cast stone items and planters at discounted prices as our stock changes. Now, what all is featured in our sale section will vary often. New items will move in at the discretion of our awesome outdoor garden center team, so it's worth check back regularly to see what's new!

Our Guarantee on Sale Plants:

Let me also remind you of our guarantee! When planted in the ground, we guarantee the life of our shrubs and perennials for a full year. If they fail you, we'll absolutely replace them. This applies to the plants in our sale section as well. We find that attaching our guarantee to all of our merchandise, even plants on sale, is a unique practice among garden centers. You won't find many others out there who believe in their merchandise the way that we do. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee anything planted in a container. When living in a container, a plant has limited root space, which means it has limited access to water and nutrition too. Containers also cut plants off from the warmth of the earth, so even perennials can come undone in the winter. Those risk factors  necessarily void our guarantee, but my point has gotten away from me. Plant them in the ground, and our sale plants will give you at least a full year, we promise!
So, stop by and see what we have to offer! We are lucky enough to live in a town with fabulously curated gardens everywhere you look, so our sale plants can be a fantastic and economical investment in the future beauty of your garden. Thanks for reading!
by Justin Lievano whose mother taught him the importance of sale shopping when he was very young.

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