Lots of Blooms, No Barking at Adopt-A-Dog Fundraiser at McArdle’s

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The dogs did not make a peep. Not a single woof. That said, in their silence the dogs still managed to steal the show.

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On Thursday night, McArdle’s Florist & Garden Center, offered up their spacious building on Arch Street for a fundraiser for Adopt-A-Dog. Most of the dogs in attendance were originally rescues from Adopt-A-Dog, a Greenwich based non profit with a shelter and sanctuary just over the state line in Armonk, NY.

While patrons sipped spirits from Horseneck Wines & Liquors of Greenwich and savored mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres provided byFairway Market, the dogs didn’t so much as beg for a morsel.

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Expert pet photographer Geoffrey Tischman was set up for portraits at the front of McArdle’s, while Allyson Halm, the director of Adopt-A-Dog and volunteer Melinda Muller disappeared and reappeared, photobombing the event with life size dog faces.

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Attending the event was Navajo who made the trip from his home in Wilton for the event. His owners are Kristina and John Curran, who has volunteered at Adopt-A-Dog for 20 years. Navajo, a jumbo shepherd, was an owner surrender who made his way to Wilton by way of the Armonk sanctuary.

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