Let Mom Feel the Love All Year Long!

Today, I have a few more Mother's Day gift ideas to share with you. If you haven't read my last post about gifts, click here to check that out. If you have, I have some suggestions that will let mom feel the love for seasons to come.
For Moms who are experienced in the garden, let me suggest some fabulous outdoor blooming plants like Endless Summer Bloomstruck Hydrangea! These beauties bloom on both old AND new growth, so you start the season with one round of blossoms, and another comes up mid-summer. So, mom gets an entire summer of gorgeous flowers every year (Hydrangea being perennials and all).
Another Gardener's favorite is our David Austin Garden Roses! These roses make fabulous shrubs or climbers, and many of the varieties we carry have a gorgeous fragrance. Give mom the elegant beauty of an English garden with these plants. Also, like the hydrangea, these will bloom for her every year.
Now, when you bring these home, be sure to tell mom to dig a hole that's at least as deep as the container, but twice as wide. Apply our Coast of Main Quoddy compost liberally in the hole. With roses, specifically, you'll want to feed them with Rosetone immediately, and then again in midsummer. The hydrangea, on the other hand, will need Hollytone while planting, and every 6 weeks thereafter for the first three years. Remember though that, with Hydrangea, one should stop feeding in July, and with Roses stop in August. We don't want to encourage new growth with approaching frost. By the by, any compost or fertilizer is available in our garden shop for standard purchase or delivery.
Another sweet option would be a Strawberry Plant for mom! The Alpine Strawberries that we carry at our store are hardy enough to be perennials for us in Connecticut. Give mom the gift of sweetness every year in the early summer. We have strawberries in both lovely container gardens, and in larger pots for planting in the garden. Call me old fashioned, but I think there's something to be said for the satisfaction of the harvest, and bringing food to your table straight from the garden.
With that in mind, if mom isn't so much a gardener, but loves flowers, you could treat her to a Continuous Blooms Subscription! The way that works is you decide what kind of arrangement you'd like to send mom, be it the best seasonal colors, or an all white arrangement like blanc luxe, then choose how often you'd like her to get them. We take care of the rest. Imagine how thrilled your mom would be to get a beautiful arrangement every week or two!
While we're still chatting, don't forget that anything you order for mom can be hand delivered by our team. We really believe that hand-delivery makes for a fun surprise and a great gifting experience. You could even surprise mom a little bit early, so that she can enjoy her gift longer. These options and more are all available through our website, or with a quick phone call to the shop. So, we wish all the moms out there a happy Mother's Day! and in the meantime, we'll be ready to see some beautiful gifts out for delivery. Thanks for reading.
by Justin Lievano who wants to help you choose a perfect Mother's Day gift for your Mom.

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