Leaf Problems: "Dr. Z's" Tip of the Week

The leaf of a plant, whether an indoor or outdoor plant, tells us a lot about the health of a plant.  Here are some common problems that can be seen in leaves that are NOT caused by insects or disease:
Sunburned or bleached leaves: Tan or brown spots develop on the leaves, usually at the center of the leaf along the mid-rib.  The spots will look worse when the plants dry out.  Solution: Move the plant to a spot with less light (more shade).
Edema - raised, corky, (water-soaked) spots that are clear or green and then turn to brown or black.  Usually found on the older leaves.  Solution: Cut back on water.
Yellow (all yellow) Leaves - Usually found on older leaves, but can be anywhere.  This is due to nitrogen deficiency.  Solution: Fertilize with high nitrogen fertilizer.  Sometimes this yellowing may be due to insufficient light, over watering, or changes in the environment.  Call me or stop in for a recommendation for a high nitrogen fertilizer!
Yellow Leaf with Green Veins - this is an iron deficiency.  SolutIon: Add iron supplement. This can also be caused by a soil that is too alkaline, so the pH must be lowered with the application of an acid based fertilizer.  Call me or stop in and I'll find the right acid-based fertilizer for you!