Holes in the Garden, Late Summer Edibles, and The Sale Carries On!

Some Late Summer Projects in Your Garden!

Hello again friends, I know... I know... it's only August, but we're now into late Summer. Fortunately, gardening season is not over just yet! There are still veggies that we can see to their destination on the dinner table. We also need to put to right any perennial bloomers that have finished their seasons, and begin planning for next year. Our perennial sale is still going on, so now is a great time to map out beds and plant placement ahead of time. So, let's finish the season strong, and keep our gardens beautiful!

Pruning, Feeding, & Filling Empty Spots:

If you have any perennials in the garden that have finished their blooms for the season, you'll want to dead head them. Cleaning off older blossoms will neaten up the plant and, in some cases, encourage a second flush of blooms. Also, you should feed your plants for the last time before mid-August. You certainly don't want plants pushing out any new growth when frost is setting in. You probably have some empty spots in the garden left behind by early bloomers like Bleeding Hearts, which yellow so quickly in the summer heat that that they require an early pruning. Those bare spots can be kind of an eyesore, but you don't have to just stare at those spaces until next May! One simple solution is to tuck a decorative container garden full of annuals into empty spots. Those annuals will bloom all summer for you, so you can enjoy them until October in most cases. Once we've moved into fall, you could replace those annuals with some colorful mums, or even a large pumpkin! A container garden will add something new by way of shape and visual interest while we wait for the change of seasons.

Late Summer Edibles:

For those of you who love garden to table growing, your harvest doesn't have to stop just yet! There are actually many varieties of veggies that can be planted right now for a September harvest. They include lettuce, spinach, kale, carrots, beets, broccoli raab, and arugula. Planting and tending to these veggies in the morning or evening will keep you out of the August heat, and as our nights get cooler, it makes the veggies taste even fresher. We carry several of these veggies right here at McArdle's, so it's always worth a stop by to see what we have in stock. Nothing beats the crisp, delicious taste of vegetables right out of your own garden or back yard.

Our Perennial Sale Carries On:

You may have read in this post that McArdle's is currently offering 50% off the marked price of Perennials, rose bushes, and shrubs that have past their bloom. There's nothing the matter with these plants, and they're in good health. However, they're done blooming this year so they cannot command quite the attention (or price) they once did. They are, though, great for planning next year's garden. Perennials don't really show their full glory until the second year anyway, so you can be assured that when these plants come back, they'll do so with a bang. Maybe you read my pollinator blog, and want to help out the bees and butterflies in your neighborhood next summer, or maybe you just want to get a head start on your rose beds. No matter what your project is, we can help you get it started so that next summer looks even better... and at half off, who can argue with that?
So, stop by McArdle's and finish the summer strong! Fun in the garden doesn't have to stop just because Spring had ended.
by Justin Lievano who looks forward to playing in his garden well into October. 

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