Late Summer Flowers: Indulging in the Easy Warmth of the Season

Late Summer Flowers,

A Stunning New Floral Collection:

Hello again, friends! Today we'll be chatting about our new collection of late summer flowers! We have to face it; summer is winding down. The days are getting shorter, and the nights cooler. We're well on our way to autumn. However, we still have several weeks left of golden sunshine and warm haze. So, our new floral collection celebrates all the natural wonder of late summer, from showy perennial blooms to textural hints of fall. If you'd like to browse the whole collection, you can do so by clicking here. Otherwise, stick around, and I'll tell you about my personal favorites from the collection. Let's jump right in!
Over to the right, you'll see a fulsome arrangement of sunflowers called "Eureka." This arrangement reminds us of a sultry afternoon spent rambling through a meadow. Our designers have gathered up a handful of sunflowers with a whisper of wheat, and situated them in a modern grey vase. The sleek style of the vase sets off the rustic charm of the sunflowers oh so tastefully, don't you think? Nothing says summer quite like the golden glow of sunflowers craning their necks as the sun takes its route through the sky.

"Winesap," available at McArdle's

Delighting In Dahlias:

Any gardeners reading will know that late summer brings the promise of dahlias, bursting with their vibrant hues. Our designers have celebrated the dahlia in our "Winesap" arrangement. Here, dahlias mingle with all sorts of weird and wonderful blooms! Do you see those bright pink blooms that look like a pod of sorts? That's called a Venus protea. It's a fabulous tropical bloom that has a very long vase life. Also hailing from the tropics, you'll see fuchsia vanda orchids tucked into this arrangement, which really add a touch of the exquisite. Roses finish the picture, floating among Camellia foliage and millet. All these blooms sing their rosy song from a bubble bowl, which have recently made a stylistic comeback! 
Now, maybe you love dahlias, but prefer them in a different shade. Or perhaps you love the wild look of this arrangement, but aren't a fan of jewel tones. Well, whatever the case may be, we've got you covered. We also offer an arrangement called "Suite Note," which lives in a warmer color family. Be sure to check that one out as well. We could also create something custom for you! Please don't ever shy away from a phone call with us. We're always happy to discuss what we can create for you.

"Kiwi Vine," available at McArdle's

Looking Forward to Fall:

If you're anything like me, you love autumn. The crisp weather, the warm drinks, and the harvest celebrations make for my favorite season of the year! With that in mind, I love to see the coming season reflected in my late summer flowers. So, my favorite arrangement from this collection is called "Kiwi Vine." This arrangement sits in a sleek, white vessel from Pottery Pots, which throws the luxurious texture of its flowers into sharp relief. You'll see warm vanda orchids floating over chartreuse celosia, with its fabulous ridges. Millet, rosemary, and kiwi vine finish the arrangement with a naturalistic touch. This piece combines the bright, creamy tones of a soft summer moment with the textures and pops of color more native to fall. The low, almost-pave style also plays with a contrast between traditional and contemporary design.
With all that said, the arrangements I've highlighted here represent only a few selections from our full collection. Do check out the rest of the collection for inspiration and gorgeous seasonal flowers. Before we move on, however, I do want to make one note about flower selection. Our arrangements as you see them on our website are created with very specific recipes that correspond to specific price points. If you're looking for something inspired by one of our pieces, but at a different price point than those listed, we're happy to do that for you, but the flower selection will vary. In short, it may not look exactly like the image, but we do our best to preserve the overall mood of the arrangement.

Enjoying Late Summer Flowers in Your Home:

Well, I've told you a lot about our collection, and how wonderful it all is. But, I have great news. You don't have to take my word for it! You can experience these gorgeous arrangements for yourself too. Our late summer collection is just a click away, so why not treat yourself to a little luxury as we wind up for the change of seasons?
Late summer flowers are some of the most lovely on the market. Roses and English Garden roses come in with bigger heads than ever and soft scents to match. Dahlias and their innumerable, delicate petals come up to greet us. Plus all of these blooms are swept up in soft foliage that makes it all seem so much more lush. Along with our beautiful collection online, we always keep a wide selection of seasonal blooms in our flower shop. So, feel free to stop in any time, and carry off a handful of beauty. Plus, if you're a member of the frequent flower club, you'll get 20% off fresh cut flowers any time. The offer excludes gifts and arrangements, but it's perfect if you need something to spruce up a room... or the whole house!
If you have any questions about our flowers, please give us a call at 203-661-5600 or email us at We'll look forward to hearing from you.
by Justin Lievano who just loves the new collection!


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