Late Spring Garden Problems: "Dr. Z.'s" Tip of the Week

Here is a quick rundown of the most common problems I have seen in the past two weeks. As always, please stop in or call me if you have questions about your garden!
ROSE SLUGS!  If your rose leaves are eaten between the veins and look lacy and translucent, and have bigger holes developing, Rose slugs are the likely culprit.  We have some great organic garden solutions - horticultural oil, insecticidal soap, or spinosad.
SOFTSCALE - Branches and undersides of leaves on many trees and shrubs have white cottony masses present.  They can be linear in appearance.  Best spray this time of year is horticultural oil.
BOXWOOD PSYLLID - Terminal leaves on boxwoods are cupped and can be sticky.  Upon opening the cupped leaves a green immature insect covered with a grayish white waxy substance may be found.  Organic sprays are Neem or horticultural oil.
BOXWOOD LEAF MINER - Boxwood leaves are puckered.  Lower surface of the leaf is spotted yellow and upper surface is brown and yellow.  Organic sprays are Neem or horticultural oil.
SPIDER MITES - Saw 1 case already on a rose!  Give me a call if you are seeing this!