Keeping Greenwich "in Super Bloom!"

This week, we want to highlight an article in The Greenwich Times by Claire Tinse Haft, which is titled "Heads up! Greenwich is in super bloom." You can read the entire article, which I highly recommend, by clicking here. The broad strokes of Claire's article express how lucky we are to be in Greenwich. This leafy suburb full of fabulously manicured gardens and sumptuous natural blooms surrounds us with the kind of beauty that enriches our lives and sustains us. As Claire's friend, Lisa, says in the article, Greenwich is like some kind of "Disney lot" or "suburbs on steroids." It really is striking how much Greenwich looks like a snapshot out of House and Garden.
We also love that Claire mentions running into Katie, our flower processor extraordinaire, while searching for the powder room. Claire remarks that our orchids are unlike any she had seen in New York. Katie responds that "These are Greenwich orchids. They are flown in on airplanes on pillows, my friend!" This is Katie's colorful way of saying that we only use premium flowers and plants in our compositions.
phalaenopsis orchid
We're also grateful to Claire for mentioning us in her article, because it's our pleasure to help Greenwich maintain its beauty. To quote from our mission statement, "we believe in beautiful spaces," and we love to help our clients achieve the beauty they're looking for. From gift-giving, to horticultural expertise, to garden transformations we are here to help.
Thanks for reading, friends! We look forward to seeing you this summer, and keeping your house and garden in super bloom.
by Justin Lievano who is blooming happy to work with such beauty.

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