July in the Garden!

July in the Garden!

After a warm May, and gorgeous June, it seems that summer is actually here! This weekend is the perfect time to get outside, enjoy nice weather and make your yard and garden beautiful.  Jim Zanetti, one of our garden experts, has created a short list of garden chores for this weekend:

  • As we learned from the King of Clematis himself, Raymond Evison, at our lovely Garden Brunch, make sure clematis and other vines are supported!  We have ties and trellises! Raspberries, peas, dahlias and roses will need some help as they take off.
  • Finish planting herbs and vegetables!  Harvest the last of that spring lettuce, and plant cucumbers, peppers, eggplant, or your favorite vegetable. We love to kick-off the summer by planting tomatoes and basil, and start dreaming about summer salads and pesto. Our selection of USDA certified 100% organic vegetables and herbs is going fast so hurry in to see our traditional favorites and many unusual varieties.
  • No time or no space for garden beds?  Plant in a raised bed planter!  Perfect for a patio or deck, or anywhere in your yard.
  • Unfortunately, summer also brings garden pests.  Japanese Beetles will be out and flying around very soon -- be prepared! Call Jim or stop in to get our recommended organic beetle killer, Bonide's Japanese Beetle Killer.  We do have some traps but we do not recommend them because they are so effective at luring the pests that you can be inadvertently attracting beetles from miles around to your yard.  If you are already inundated with Japanese Beetles the traps are a good option, but please don't purchase one as a preventative measure.
  • Enjoy the great outdoors without the sting with Rescue's Bee traps for Wasps, Hornets and Yellow Jackets!
  • Got mosquitoes or ticks? We've got dunks to kill the larva and a fantastic all-natural Cloak personal mosquito and tick repellent!
  • Now that the gardens are planted and you are protected from bugs, make sure that your flowers and vegetables are weeded and watered.  A good layer of mulch will make both of these jobs less of a chore. Stop in and ask one of our experts for the right mulch for you.
  • It is best to harvest flowers and vegetables early in the morning. If you need to water, do this in the morning as well.
  • Update your landscape, patios, walkways and decks with new container gardens!  We'll help you choose the perfect plants and a pot to accent your style and plant it for you.  We can even deliver it and place it in the perfect spot in your yard!

Farmer's Market is Back!

Farmers market

The McArdle's Farmer's Market is back in full swing!

Stop in each Thursday from 10 - 2 to see the delightful organic herbs, fruits and vegetables home grown by our own Josephine!  Last week the beets, asparagus, spinach and herbs were divine, and if Mother Nature cooperates Jo may have also have native strawberries, cherry tomatoes, beets, kale, lettuces, and snow peas this week.

We can't say enough about the delicious mozzarella and local eggs that Jo had last week.  Customers are also raving about the bacon and sausage!  Stop in this Thursday and stock up for the holiday weekend.

Now in Bud to Bloom! 

*Our Dahlias are gorgeous! A perfect addition to your container garden.  Ask to see the "Dinner Plate Dahlias" for blooms as big as, well, a dinner plate. 

*We are also crazy about Endless Summer Hydrangeas.  One of the great reblooming varieties of hydrangea, this one is beautiful planted in your garden or in a container.

*Be sure to check out our new Lavender "Phenomenal."  An excellent perennial in a spot that gets plenty of sun and heat, it is deer-resistant and has demonstrated excellent winter-hardiness.  Our garden experts love this one!

*Need a little something for inside?  Our new Air Plants are hugely popular.  A great gift, or to fill that spot in your house that needs a touch of something fun.


Stars and Stripes 

stars and stripes

Celebrate Independence Day in style with an exquisite arrangement from McArdle's!

Inspired by Old Glory, "Stars & Stripes" features summer blooms in traditional patriotic colors! At 10" high, this is a perfect size to sit on a picnic table or sent as a thank-you to the host of your holiday BBQ.  Order Now!
We can also custom design an arrangement, indoor or outdoor container garden or indoor or outdoor plant. Just call 203-661-5600 or click here today!

McArdle's At Home

If your garden chores are overwhelming, or you just need a little help, our McArdle's At Home service takes the chore out of gardening.  From planning a brand new garden or entire yard transformation to sourcing just the right plant for that one spot in your garden, our At Home team will do what it takes to bring you a beautiful spring --- and summer!  Call Ed (203-661-5600) or click here for more information about McArdle's At Home.


We've been celebrating . . .

barks and blooms

McArdle's was honored to host "Barks and Blooms" last week!  We rolled out the red carpet for the wonderful humans and canines at Adopt-A-Dog. We can't wait for next year!

Clematis shopping  We also had a truly wonderful time at our Garden Brunch with Raymond Evison!  A lively lecture, fabulous food by Watson's Catering and a private shopping experience.  What a way to welcome the summer!

Bouquet of pink roses and gift box on white background Note Shallow depth of field

Looking for a unique way to celebrate a special event?  Have a party here!  We recently hosted a truly delightful group of ladies celebrating a friend's milestone birthday with a private design workshop with Michael.  We would love to talk with you about your next special event!  Email Christine for details.

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