Japanese Beetles: "Dr. Z's" Tip of the Week

Japanese Beetles are out in force now as July is their month.  They love the hot weather.  In fact, they feed only in the day.  And they are the most active during the mid day hours which are the hottest.
Their damage shows up as holes in the leaves, but they only eat the material between the veins.  The holes are more towards the center of the leaf as opposed to the edges.  These beetles also destroy flowers, especially roses.
Once they have emerged from the ground, changing from grub to beetle, spraying is the best option for control.   Neem oil is the best organic product, and we recommend this over the chemical options.   After several sprays, Neem oil will work as a repellent.  That's why Neem oil should be applied a few times prior to the late June- early July invasion.
Do not use the Japanese Beetle traps unless there is a severe infestation, otherwise you will "lure" even more beetles into the area.  Never use them as a preventative measure.  A  Japanese Beetle trap is a lure with a vane that is used to destabilize their flight and a bag to catch them once they fall.
If beetles infested the garden this year, monitor the grub activity in the lawn or garden beds.  The grubs come from eggs that are laid by the beetles before they die at the end of the season.
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