Celebrating the Holidays in McArdle's Winter Wonderland!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Hello again, friends. We hope your December and the Holidays have gotten off to a great start. Today, we're going to chat about all the holiday excitement we have planned for you here at McArdle's! Our floral design team has curated a collection that captures the delicate beauty of winter and the abundance of the holidays. As always, we have a great collection of gifts too. You'll find planted gardens, gourmet goods, and more in our shop and on our website. Additionally, we'll have some holiday entertainment as well. Some very talented local students will provide holiday music in our showrooms. So, brew a cup of coffee or hot cocoa, and get cozy while I give you the holiday rundown.

The Christmas & Hanukkah Floral Collection:

Chamonix Premium

Whether you're hosting a party to celebrate the holidays, or you need to send a gorgeous gift, we have the perfect flowers. You can order from our holiday collection by clicking here. This year, we've named our collection after some of our favorite ski destinations, both domestic and abroad. In the upper-right corner of this post, you see our Saint Anton Centerpiece. The St. Anton line captures the beautiful contrast of soft snow fallen on woody evergreens. Our designers situate these arrangements in rustic containers, adding to the woodland effect.
Over to the left, you'll see my personal favorite arrangement in the Christmas & Hanukkah collection, called Chamonix. Our designers have created a luxurious arrangement of winter whites in a burnished gold compote bowl. This arrangement drips with splendor, from the delicate accents of Jasmine vine to the huge King Protea blossom on the left side of the arrangement. It's bigger than my hand! The holidays are the one time of the year when more is more, and this particular arrangement is the essence of more, more, more.

Saint Moritz Premium

For those of you who might prefer something a bit more unusual, have a look at our St. Moritz arrangement on the right. Our designers have arranged tulips, calla lilies, fragrant hyacinth, and muscari in the arms of white manzanita branches, and settled it all into a frilled ceramic vase.  The pointed ends of the succulent petals, calla lilies, and manzanita branches evoke the brittle fractals of snowflakes and icicles hanging from eves. The color story at play here also makes this a perfect arrangement for our loved ones who celebrate Hanukkah! On the other hand, you might just love it for celebrating the cool blues and greens that accompany red & burgundy during this season.

Planted Gifts for the Holidays:

Holiday Cyclamen & Ivy Garden

If the folks on your gift list have green thumbs, we have a great selection of indoor gardens! You can shop all of our seasonal plant selections by clicking here. On the left, you'll see a piece that I designed, the Holiday Cyclamen & Ivy Garden. This large and luscious garden features three cheery red cyclamen collared loosely by variegated ivy. The white bowl and variegated leaves give this whole garden a wonderful frosty effect. This statement piece would look fabulous at the center of a large kitchen island, or on a table in the foyer. We also guarantee our blooming plants for 3 weeks! So a gift like this would take you all the way to Christmas.

Poinsettia in Nantucket Basket

Now, if you're sending to someone with more traditional sensibilities, a classic poinsettia might be the best option. To the right, you'll see our Poinsettia in Nantucket Basket. We've dropped a cherry red poinsettia into our favorite woven and lacquered Nantucket basket, and added a touch of Christmas cheer with a plaid bow. My one tip about poinsettias is to keep them warm! They're native to the tropics, so even though they're associated with the holidays, they prefer temperatures above 68 degrees Fahrenheit. We wrap ours before they leave the store for just this reason. So once you get yours home, place it in a spot with bright indirect light that won't catch any drafts from a nearby door.

Tasty Treats to Ring In the Season:

Basket of Holiday Cheer

For those of you who enjoy more than the purely decorative in life, we also have gourmet treats and consumables. Many of our most popular gifts are available from our web gift shop, which you can reach by clicking its name.
Today, I want to highlight the Basket of Holiday Cheer that you see over to the left. It's a gift assortment filled with cookies, chocolate, tea, and lotion. This gift makes a great pairing with plants or flowers, or a lovely present on its own! The lucky recipient could divide up the treats to share with friends and family, or just keep them all for personal indulgence. Were there ever a time for that, it would be the holidays. Now, you may notice that the basket looks particularly Christmas-y, but we could certainly create a basket for Hanukkah or any occasion. If ordering online, just put that request in the special instruction box. If ordering on the phone, just let us know how you'd like it to look, and we'll handle the rest.
Our selection of gifts also extends beyond what you see on our site. We try to make some of our best available on the web, but the nature of our industry is that product turns over quickly. Some of our most wonderful pieces simply aren't around long enough to make it onto the web. So do please stop by! We want to meet you, and share in the holiday joy with you.

Celebrating the Holidays with Song!

Those of you who have shopped with us in person might have met my colleague in the Flower Shop, Lillan. Well, Lillan's husband, Aaron, teaches orchestra to middle school students at Greenwich Central Middle School. This Saturday (12/9), Aaron and a quartet of his talented students will play holiday songs for our customers from 2:30pm to 3:30pm. Please join us to sip some cider and listen to holiday tunes. While here, you can also enjoy our classic Christmas Wonderland! We've got festive lights and glitzy decor of all kinds. We've got trees trimmed to make Dr. Seuss and his Whos jealous, and so much more!
So thanks for reading, everyone! If you have any questions or comments, give us a call at 203-661-5600, or write to us at [email protected] Think of it like sending a letter to Santa, but for grown ups. See you soon!
by Justin Lievano who loves receiving presents! 

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