Floral Design Trends: A Glimpse Ahead from AIFD

AIFD Symposium & The Floral Design Forecast:

Hello again, friends! Today. we'll be chatting about upcoming trends in floral design. Our Director of Floral Design, Michael Derouin, recently visited the American Insititute of Floral Design's annual symposium. Essentially, AIFD symposium is a conference where designers from across the nation gather to share ideas and inspiration. So, Michael, himself a member of AIFD, attends every year to refresh his perspective. This year, he brought us a sneak peak of what to expect from the flower world, and we're going to share that with you.

Style in Floral Design:

It seems that the trend toward looser, more garden-style design has only gained momentum! Up at the top, you'll see our "Bermuda Bound" arrangement, which shows you our take on that style. These sorts of arrangements emulate the look of a bunch of flowers freshly harvested from the field. You'll generally see much more foliage in bespoke, garden-style arrangements, along with more negative space between blossoms. The breathing room between each flower allows its individual beauty to shine.  You may not have realized it, but style extends to what's inside the vase as well as what sits atop it. It seems that more and more designers are moving away from leaf-lining their vases. If we've ever sent you an arrangement, you've probably seen a leaf lined vase. A leaf lining is just the broad green leaf that we insert into vases to cover the stems, and present a clean finish. "Bermuda Bound" also sports an unlined vase. Its purple geometric vessel has enough visual interest, that our designers elected to leave it unlined.

Form & the #BrooklynMovement:

Form refers, roughly, to the shape of a floral design. So, when we're talking about form, we might describe an arrangement as round, oblong, tall, &c. and still be musing on its form. In terms of popularity, floral design is trending toward a form that is certainly oblong and skews more asymmetrical, but also keeps with the bespoke garden style that we discussed before. Michael tells us that the form got its start in Brooklyn some 20 years ago, and through the advent of social media, has only gotten more popular. It has incredible visual impact, compared to a tighter arrangement. It's also a great transitional piece. It doesn't sit in an oblong container, the way a centerpiece might, but would still work on an oblong table.

Sangria, available at McArdle's

Interpreting Trends at McArdle's:

Now despite how well loved flowers are, they're also polarizing. People tend to feel very strongly about flowers, especially in their arrangements. With that said, you might be very excited about these new trends! Or, you may hate them, and feel that trends are designed for the anxious. Either way, you can rest assured that we'll have arrangements and gifts that you'll love. The floral world may shift this way or that, but we take those trends as inspiration. In future collections, we'll certainly play with some of the ideas I've mentioned here, but we'll also stand by our more traditional forms, like our "Sangria" arrangement, pictured to the right.
At the end of the day, our job is to make you happy. We certainly can't do that if we limit our offerings based on what's popular today. So, be sure to keep an eye on the website for our new Late Summer, Autumn, and Holiday Collections as they appear. Whether you love the edgy and new or the tried and true, we can and will meet your needs. Also, if you ever have any questions about floral design or want to know more, please call or visit us. Maybe you saw something on pinterest that you'd like to recreate. Or maybe inspiration came to you in a dream, but you need help sorting out the worldly details. There's no question too small for us, so do please reach out.

Closing Thoughts:

Personally, I'm excited about the direction in which floral design is headed. I love wild arrangements filled with foliage and natural elements like kiwi vine. I like my flowers to stride a line between art and nature, to acknowledge the human touch while striving toward a natural appearance. So I raise my eyes to the hills, and eagerly await what's to come.
Thanks for reading, as ever, and I'll see you soon!
by Justin Lievano who just can't wait to see what's next!

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