Gifts, Decor Accents, Sweets, & More: Fall Favorites at McArdle's!

Fall-ing Into the Season With Unique Pieces from McArdle's:

Hello again, friends! As I'm sure you know, we have a great website. You can log on, and click to buy all sorts of fabulous items from our Fall Flower Collection, Fall Plant Collection, and more! But today I want to chat with you about some items that are not available as "click-to-buy" items. It's always worth stopping into the store when you have a little time to shop because our stock really turns over quickly. What this means for you is that there's always something new and exciting in our shop. Our Floral Design Team often brings in new varieties of flowers as well as old favorites in new colors. Likewise, our Creative Team keeps us well stocked with lifestyle and gift-wares, and even delicious gourmet treats! Of course, those of you who've been shopping with us for a long while know James is always bringing in new plants too. So, I'm going to give you list of my Fall favorites that you can find in the shop today. Let's take a little virtual tour, and we'll hope to see you in the store soon.

Silk & Dried Fall Foliages:

Fall Silk Wreath featuring Hydrangea, Foliage, and Faux Pears

This season, we've curated a really lovely collection of faux and dried  foliage. You'll find everything from bundles of dried lavender, to brightly colored leaf garlands, to silk flowers too. We have a bucket of white silk sunflowers by our entryway, and nearly every customer who passes by touches them to see if they're real. That tells me that we're doing something right when we select our product. Over to the left, you'll see my favorite silk wreath from this year's collection. The autumn colors are stunning, and the designers have incorporated little faux fruits as well. I just love the mix of fruits and blooms because it gives one the feeling of harvest bounty. Now, the one thing to know about artificial blooms and foliage is that the price up front is generally higher than fresh cuts, but the price is really an investment into the future. Your front door could be the talk of the town for years to come with a wreath like this one. 

Gifts and Accents for the Home:

Fall Home Decor Pieces

Fall decorating doesn't have to mean overhauling your living space every October. Often, a couple of accent pieces on a shelf or table give a room an easy sense of the season. Thanks to our awesome Creative Team we have a selection of tasteful pieces for any room in the house. I've presented some of them in a little vignette that you can see to the right. Those graceful bronze bunnies each hold a candlestick, and would add a touch of whimsy to any Thanksgiving spread. You'll also find resin and ceramic pumpkins, like the one in the image with a little squirrel perched on top. Imagine two of those little squirrel pumpkins on either end of your mantle! It might just be the cutest touch of fall. On the end there, you'll also see a bowl of potpourri. Now, before anyone decries potpourri as old fashioned, don't you remember the feeling of opening up boxes of holiday decorations, and smelling the potpourri inside? Well, I certainly do, and it takes me right back to being a kid and feeling so excited about coming holidays.

Fall Gourmet Goods:

Gourmet Susansnaps and Sweet Sloops

Over on the left you'll see a sampling of a couple customer favorites. One is a box of Susansnaps, really scrumptious ginger snaps that we carry all year with seasonally coordinated bows. You'll also see a little bag of Harbor Sweets Sweet Sloops, adorable little boat shaped chocolates. They're almond toffee butter-crunch dipped in white and dark chocolate, and we love them. They also come in cute fall wrapping. Just think how much fun it would be to add a little bag of fall sweets to a fall toned arrangement. Or wouldn't it be great to get a box of tasty ginger snaps with an orchid? They even make great gifts on their own. You could hand out a little bag of Sweet Sloops to each of your guests at a party, or send a box of cookies to your neighbors to say "Happy Fall!" This doesn't even cover the full run of our gourmet goods either. We've also got locally made Blue Tulip chocolates from Rye, NY, teas, crackers and spreads, and even lotions and lip balms. And all of them are sure to bring some autumn cheer.

Custom Plantings & Arrangements:

Bespoke Succulent Garden with Pumpkin

We keep a great selection of planted gifts and indoor container gardens on our website, but our flower shop team puts together unique collections every week that we sell in our showrooms. Generally, they don't make it onto the web because they sell so quickly. On the right there, you'll see a succulent garden that I made as part of a collection this week. Normally succulents ring of summer and the heat, but we've made this arrangement look very fall, by muting the color story somewhat. I chose only succulents in the aqua color family, and accented them with jade stone and a white pumpkin. It brings those desert plants right into the realm of a New England fall. Much as I love the fiery reds and oranges of fall, I think the cooler tones provide a necessary complement and foil to the more vibrant pigments. We can play with color in this way using leafy plants and blooming plants as well. That way, you can celebrate fall in the full spectrum of its color and feeling.

Don't Forget Our Workshops:

Though you can sign up for all of our workshops online (by clicking here)they take place in our store, and give you a great reason to stop by and check the store out. Come a few minutes early, and take it all in! We've got some great workshops coming up, so what have you got to lose? At the very least, you'll come away from the workshop with a cool project, but you'll likely find even more inspiration around the shop.

One Additional note:

Normally, I finish these posts with a glamour shot of myself carrying some buckets full of flowers, but this week, I want to show you something a little different. Over to the left, you'll see two arrangements of driftwood. They've been lashed togther with wire and filled with succulent heads, air plants, and moss. These kinds of things aren't on the web because we didn't anticipate having them! The reclaimed wood came to us by mistake, and that mix up became something really awesome. I should also admit that I made them, so I'm especially pleased with the way they came out. So stop by some time, and see what all we've got going on. We hope you'll be as excited about our fall stock as we are!
by Justin Lievano who is ready for the season, despite the early sunsets.  

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