Fall and Your Lawn: "Dr. Z's" Tip of the Week

If anyone asks if he can repair and seed his lawn now, the answer is a definite yes.  Fall is the best time to repair or install a new lawn whether it is with seed or sod.  Everything is in your favor.  Cool nights, warm days, warm soil temperatures, heavy dew, more reliable rainfall, and less competition from weeds all make for perfect conditions.
Fall is the best time to fertilize as the lawn will get the most out of a feeding now.  A lawn that is fed in the fall will withstand the stresses of winter better and will green up faster in the spring.  The old saying that if you fertilize your a lawn only once a year, fall is the best time to do it certainly holds true.  A lawn can be fertilized twice in the fall if it's in bad shape.  Once in early September and again in late October.
This is the best time to dethatch or core aerate the lawn since the cooler temperatures will aid in the recuperation process.  It would be beneficial to over seed the lawn after these procedures.
Fall is also the best time to lime the lawn since it can have the whole winter to work its' way into the soil.  Do this as the last step of your lawn care program during the late fall.

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