Dr. Z: It's Fall Already!

houseplant & garden inscet killerLike it or not, fall is here  and it's time to start thinking about bringing in any houseplants that are outside.  It's better to do this earlier than later.  The plants will adjust to the indoor environment better now than they will later on.  Later the house will be hot and dry due to the heater, and the houseplants will be getting used to the cooler temperatures and higher humidity outside.  When a plant returns to the house under those conditions it will get stressed out and start dropping leaves.  It's better to bring them in now when both environments are almost the same.
Before the trip in, spray the plants with an organic general purpose houseplant insecticide while still outside.  Bring it in after the spray has dried.  A good spray to use is Garden Safes' Houseplant and Garden Insect Killer.  Remember to check the pot itself for any insects that may have attached themselves to it.
Be sure your saucers are in good shape and do not leak.
All plants will have a period of adjustment when they are brought in for the fall.  Leaves will turn yellow, some will fall off, others may abort flower buds, etc.  A lot of this is due to the lower levels of light inside the house, so try to place the plant in a similar setting to that which it was in outside.
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