Celebrating Easter & the Coming Spring with Flowers!

Easter Is Nearly Here:

Hello again, friends! It's been a minute, hasn't it? You see, I was touring other stations here at the flower shop. I even spent a few days cutting and processing our gorgeous flowers. Anyway, to the matter at hand, Spring is sprouting all around us! Easter falls on April 1st this year, very early! The changing weather and new life outside makes us want to celebrate! So let's chat about our new floral collection and all the exciting ways we can bring spring into your home.

New Season, New Floral Collection:

Egg Hunt Centerpiece at McArdle's

Spring brings the excitement of new color to a bleak winter landscape, so our designers have striven to create the same effect in our arrangements. The brightest of our new collection is "Egg Hunt," which you can see to the left. The picture there shows the centerpiece size, which would work well on an oblong table seating six or so. However, Egg Hunt also comes in smaller sizes for an end table or vanity. This arrangement includes brightly colored blooms among "Green Trick" dianthus to simulate the sight of brightly colored Easter eggs on soft green grass. It sits in nest of wild vines and its vase is accented with striped pandanus leaf. It really doesn't get much more celebratory than this!

Charmed Collection at McArdle's

If you like the bright contrast, but prefer an arrangement that's a little more luxe, try our "Charmed." These arrangements take their name from the coral charm peonies that they feature. They strike a similar color contrast to Egg Hunt, but with more luxurious blossoms. The peonies are accompanied by miniature green hydrangea, garden roses, and tea roses. Like Egg Hunt, this arrangement also comes in smaller sizes, which would work well on a bedside table or end table, as well as a centerpieces suited to a table of 6. Many of our customers will tell you their favorite flower is the peony. If you know someone with similar taste, this arrangement would make the perfect Easter gift.

Serenity Collection at McArdle's

Finally, if your Spring mood is a mite softer, you might like our arrangement, "Serenity." This arrangement features beautiful Dutch hydrangea, buttery ranunculus, muscari, and clematis, all in pastel tones. Serenity also sits in a white ceramic cube, which would match almost any decor. This arrangement might make the perfect gift for your mom or grandmother, someone with traditionally feminine taste. Doesn't it sort of look like the chick at the top of the page is sitting in this arrangement? It's just too sweet!

Living Spring & Easter Gifts:

French Lavender Garden at McArdle's

At McArdle's our range extends beyond flowers as well! If you're looking for a bit of spring cheer that will last longer than cut flowers, try a blooming plant. On the right, you'll see our "French Lavender" garden. This gift features a beautiful blooming lavender plant in an aged terra cotta pot. It has a rustic, earthy quality that's sure to remind someone of a French country garden. The soft, minty green of the foliage against the stark purple of the blooms creates such a lovely feeling of Springtime. We guarantee the life of all our blooming plants for two weeks, but when well cared for, they can last quite a bit longer. If you have a friend or loved one with a green thumb, planted gifts can be such fun.

Orchid Terrarium in Cylinder at McArdle's

On the other hand, maybe you don't want a french garden. Maybe you want tropical glamour. In that case, I recommend our Orchid TerrariumIt features an exotic miniature orchid in a sleek, cylindrical vessel. Terarria are great gifts for the spring because each is its own little world or ecosystem contained inside the vessel. So you can watch the world grow outside your window while watching the world in your terrarium develop as well.

A Note to Gardeners Longing to Dig Outside:

So, to those of you whose green thumbs are itching, just hold out a bit longer! I know you're longing to plant outside, and if you really can't wait, we have some green plants and blooming Heath in our garden center. That will bloom for a while, and can survive down to 10 degrees. But those first pansies won't come until the last week of March, or the first week of April. We are almost there!
Well, thanks for reading everyone. As ususal, we'd be happy to answer any questions. Please write to us at [email protected] with any questions, or call us on the phone, 203-661-5600. In the meantime, have a great week!
by Justin Lievano whose favorite part of Easter is the little rabbit figurines.

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