Top Six Early Spring Garden Chores

We gardeners are ready for spring!  Despite our enthusiasm, we do need to proceed carefully while the ground is cold and wet so we don't do more damage than good.  As we wait for the weather to warm, there are a few things we can do to prepare for a beautiful spring and summer!
Top Six Early Spring Garden Chores:

  1. Inspect the garden for damage from winter storms and start planning for the season!  Note any washed out areas, broken branches and damaged fences or accessories.
  2. As long as the ground if fairly dry, start clean up!  Remove debris, cut damaged branches, rake up matted leaves.
  3. Have your soil tested. McArdle's sells soil tests if you need quick results.  If you have a bit of time, we suggest sending a soil sample to the state for very accurate results.  The state will also alert you to any potential contamination.  Once you know what is in your soil, we can help you with the correct amendments for a perfect lawn or garden
  4. Spray an all season horticultural oil now to kill off any over wintering insect eggs.  We love Bonide All Season Horticultural Oil in the ready to use sprayer. (It also comes in a concentrate if you prefer to mix yourself.)  Spray early on a dry day when the temperature is above 45 degrees and when freezing temperatures are not expected that night.  It can be used on fruit trees, shade trees, most deciduous trees, broadleaf evergreens, shrubs, ornamentals, and certain conifers.  Always check the label for cautions.
  5. This year we had many freezing and thawing cycles.  This causes plants, especially recently planted ones, to heave out of the ground.  Replant them or cover the roots with topsoil. We recommend Coast of Maine topsoil for this. It is a high quality topsoil that can't be beat!
  6. Prune roses after bud break.  We are at that stage now.  Remove any dead wood or crossed branches that are rubbing against each other.  Try to prune the bush so that it grows outward to allow for good air circulation.

Stay tuned for more tips and chores as the weather warms up!

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