Sept 13, 2017: Early Fall Outdoor Planter Workshop

Summer's Ending; Refresh Your Planters:

WHEN: Wednesday, 9/13/17 from 10:00 AM-noon
WHERE: McArdle's- 48 Arch Street, Greenwich
INSTRUCTOR: Stephen Grant
Registration Fee: $125.00
Registration for this event has closed.
The kids are back to school, so we're inviting you to come learn at McArdle's!  Join us for a fun morning with Stephen as he demonstrates the different styling techniques and plant pairings our designers use when creating our signature McArdle's planters.
You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, dig in the dirt, and create your own to bring home! Stephen has prepared the perfect early fall recipe for you incorporating colorful annuals and late summer perennials.
The $125 registration fee includes all supplies (disposable gloves, too!) and instruction. Weather permitting, the workshop will be held outside so dress accordingly.
Challenge yourself, learn something new, create something beautiful!

Outdoor Design Expert, Stephen Grant

Did you know?
Plants take in carbon dioxide, or CO 2 ,through little holes in their leaves, which are called stomata. They then produce and release oxygen through the stomata. Plants and animals were meant to live together! Animals need the oxygen that plants put out, and plants need the carbon dioxide that animals put out.