Drain, Drain - DON'T Go Away!

pretty pots with drainage
Hello again friends,
Let's chat about drainage, what it means and why it's important. In terms of indoor or house plant care, drainage refers to a pot's ability to expel excess water through a port near its bottom. In other words, pots with holes at the bottom have drainage. One of the worst kept secrets about houseplants is that healthy plants are beautiful plants, and drainage is one the best ways to ensure the long term health of your plants. Without a way for water to escape a pot, the plant inside ends up sitting in accumulated moisture, and it can very quickly develop root rot. Soil that is constantly wet can also develop infestations of fungus gnats. It's always a terrible shame when someone comes in with a dead or dying plant, and tells me, "I don't know what I'm doing wrong," only to discover that the plant is sitting in several inches of water inside of its cachepot.
Now my reason for saying all of this is that, often, when people think of pots with drainage, they think of plain terra cotta pots and saucers. I hope you will not buy into this notion! Our creative team works hard to provide our customers with sleek, attractive pots that will keep you and your plants happy. We've included some pictures in this post of our spring pots, and all the pots pictured here have drainage. So, don't be fooled, friends.
pretty drainage pots
You can find something pretty and functional.
A note on saucers: Drainage does present the problem of water runoff on your tables or upholstery. The solution is a saucer. Saucers come in a wide variety of sizes and materials, so you can mix and match as suits your style. Often we sell pots paired with saucers, or saucers that compliment the look of our pots. However, in the case that we have a pot with drainage and nothing to go beneath it, theĀ problem can always be solved with a littleĀ creativity. Do you have an old cake stand? No, you have a new plant stand! Do you have old serving platters around? Well, now you have the base of an indoor container garden! I use teacup saucers for my own plants when I need to catch water.
With all that in mind, plant away! and keep drainage in mind when plant shopping for the spring. Thanks for reading, friends!
by Justin Lievano who loves happy house plants and is sold on the value of drainage!