Water Spots: "Dr. Z's" Tip of the Week


This is an indication that a plant has been over watered.

  1. Plant is wilting and failing.
  2. Leaves have water soaked spots or edges that are olive in color.  Spots can also be angular.
  3. Leaves then dry up, turning yellow then brown, then they die.
  4. Soil at the bottom of the pot is very wet and has a foul odor.
  5. Roots are soft and brown, there are no white tips present.

The most common death of indoor plants is over watering.  Basically, the death occurs at the root level. Roots need air (oxygen).  If the soil is constantly wet, the air spaces in the soil are filled with water. Under these conditions, they are more susceptible to root rot diseases.  Damaged roots can not absorb water and nutrients that the plant needs, therefore it wilts and dies.  It's very difficult to bring a plant back from being over watered unless the situation is caught early.  You can try letting the plant dry out and water less, or even re-potting into fresh soil.
Other problems caused by over watering---

  1. Iron deficiency.  Very difficult for a water soaked plant to take in iron.
  2. Over watering flushes the important nutrient nitrogen from the soil.
  3. Can cause many soil insect problems, most common are fungus gnats.

Not sure how much water is too much? Stop in for a demonstration!

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