Not Yet! "Dr. Z's" Tip of the Week

Things you could typically do in your garden now, but not this year!

Usually you could start cleaning up garden beds and removing debris from lawns at this time, however after the quick snow melt and the heavy rains, the soil is super saturated.  Working on wet soil is not good for "soil structure".  It compacts it by filling in all the necessary air spaces that good soil should have.  Therefore a plants' roots can not take up oxygen and other vital nutrients as easily.  The plant will slowly fail in compacted soil.  In addition, raking a wet lawn will cause a lot damage because it will rip up good lawn as well as bad.  I recommend taking time to make sure your tools are in good shape, see us if you need a new rake, but let your soil dry out before you start working.
It is safe to apply ORGANIC fertilizers now.  Organic fertilizers release slowly and won't cause growth until later this month.  Any new growth at that time probably won't meet with super cold temperatures.  I don't recommend chemical fertilizers in general, but you should definitely avoid them now, as they can push tender growth right away, and it is still too cold.  Give me a call, or stop in, for a personalized recommendation for fertilizer.
Do not apply grass seed at this time.  Some gardeners believe in "dormant" seeding, and in theory it would work.  But you would be waiting a long time for germination.  The night time air temperatures, and more importantly, the soil temperatures are much too cold for any seed germination to take place.  Better to wait for more stable weather to seed.
Got a question?  Stop in or call the plant doctor - Jim Zanetti!